Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Basic Building Efficiency 101

By Trevor Parsons

Most homes and buildings are constructed from a palette of building components. After a cast concrete foundation come a dimensional lumber platform, walls, trusses and roof. The choice of traditional building components comes from hundreds of years of building experience. Similarly, basic building efficiency is achieved using many basic components used knowledgably […]

Is it time to Unplug and Re-boot?

Book Review by Roger Lohr

The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder

by Richard Louv, 317 pages, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, $24.95

“The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder” is by Richard Louv, who wrote “Last Child in the Woods” and has toured around the country […]

Passive Solar

By George Harvey

There an allegory about a certain man, who was walking through a construction site, when he accidentally kicked over a bottle that happened to be standing in his path. The bottle opened, and out popped a Jinni. “You have freed me,” said the Jinni, “so I will grant you three wishes.”

“Nothing […]

2013 — A Year for Essential Thermal Efficiency Investment

By Johanna Miller

Karl Tilden Insulates Walls

Vermont has a goal of improving the thermal efficiency of a quarter of the state’s old, leaky homes: 80,000 — by 2020.

Unfortunately, the state is far from meeting this target.

In March 2012, the Public Service Department convened a Thermal Efficiency Task Force (TETF) charged […]

Global Warming: Reality & Solutions for Vermont

Keep the Oil In the Ground!

Are you feeling the climate crisis? From Vermont’s extreme weather events to the severe droughts of the Midwest to the vanishing Arctic ice sheet, it is hard at times to stay hopeful about the future of our planet. Hope is found in our collective actions and […]


When Gas Prices Go Down (& Up)

Tired of gas prices going up and down? When they go down, even for a short while – should you stop using “smart transportation” options? What are the options for our bi-state commuting? Read on.

Why. Transportation emissions are one of the two worst offenders that add to […]

We Need to Act Now – Right Now

By George Harvey

Vermont and New Hampshire have a lot in common. Autumns are colored gloriously gold, red, and yellow by maples, aspens, birches, and our other hardwoods. This brings leaf peepers into our lives and economies. Sugar maples give us syrup and quaint pictures of farm folk working in the winter woods. Winter ski […]

Solar Decathlon Norwich University

By George Harvey

The rather impressive web site devoted to the Norwich University Solar Decathlon 2013 has page called, “Approach,” which describes the principles the team chose to underlie its work. It begins with this quote:

“If we can build a house to prove design technologies worthy of the Solar Decathlon, why not build one […]

Georgia Mountain Community Wind will be operational by the end of December 2012.


Sunrise: Georgia Mountain Community Wind Farm. Photo credit: Katherine Norris, taken from her home which is located near Lake Arrowhead in Milton. 6:45 am Nov. 23, 2012

Who is Georgia Mountain Wind, LLC?

A rotor being raised on November 20, 2012

Georgia Mountain Community Wind is a partnership between two […]

LEDdynamics – Vermont Lighting Manufacturer

By George Harvey

Vermont can boast that in addition to ski slopes, dairy farms, and its other attractions, it has a lighting manufacturer at the leading edge of technology. LEDdynamics is based in Randolph, Vermont. A prominent statement at their web site tells us clearly what they have achieved in their field: “It’s Easy Being […]