Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Springfield, VT – Community Solar Partnerships

HB Energy Solutions & GMP Partner with Mt. Ascutney Hospital & Health Centers, as well as options for members of the Community.

The third and final component of the solar energy production facility comes online at the expanded HB Energy campus.

When Tom Hernon founded HB Energy Solutions, over 20 years ago, the […]

Grappone of Concord, NH goes Above & Beyond

There are two things underlying Grappone Toyota’s new building renovations. One is a solid underlying environmental philosophy. The other is solid underlying bedrock. Both have been used to good effect.

The philosophy is to use well those things that already exist with little waste. With that in mind, the owners rebuilt an old building that […]

Air-Source Heat Pumps, Part 2: Water Heaters

By Tad Montgomery

In addition to heating and cooling buildings, air source heat pumps (ASHP’s) can be used for the heating water. Conventional electric water heaters can be converted, but it is more efficient to use one made for the purpose. The ASHP typically draws heat from the basement where it is located and delivers […]

Rand’s Hardware is Doing it Big in Plymouth NH

Steve Rand, at Rand’s Do it Best Hardware in Plymouth, New Hampshire, could teach a course on fitting up old buildings for energy efficiency. He got a lot of experience refitting the building his hardware store is in.

In addition to the hardware store, the building has two other businesses and eight apartments. The main […]

Tips to Saving Transportation Fuel and Money

★ You might be surprised how many of your neighbors are already carpooling and have room for one more. Did you know that owning and operating a car, on average, is about $9,000 per year? To help you save a ton of money, share a ride at least twice a week and get started at […]

Local Solar-Powered Bookstore Happily Shares with the Community

Warner, NH is a unique example of what community and local is all about. How many times have you seen a sign on the door of your local bookstore that reads: “Come On In. Close the Door. We are SOLAR Air Conditioned”? They not only welcome the community to come on in to get some […]


… By the People – For the People !

SUNREI volunteers helping homeowners install evacuated tubes

40 evacuated tubes, Easton, NH

2 flat plates on one of the oldest houses in Bethlehem, NH

Deck-mounted flat plate, Bethlehem, NH

One of 40 evacuated tubes being passed […]

Small Solar Electric Systems for your Home

A small solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) system can be a reliable and pollution-free producer of electricity for your home or office. PV technologies use both direct and scattered sunlight to create electricity, ample for home solar electric systems.

Because of their modularity, PV systems can be designed to meet any electrical requirement, […]

Training Coordinators Announced for 200 MW Solar Project

H.I. 5 Renewable Energy Systems Inc. and Vaughn Industries LLC today announced project managers and coordinators for the 200 MW solar distributed energy project in the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont.

The project managers and coordinators are in charge of recruiting and training local workers in all aspects of renewable energy as well as the oversight and […]

View from the Top

Turbine Turbulence: Blowin’ in the Wind

by David Blittersdorf

Vermont is currently experiencing tensions over how best to pursue development of renewable energy – despite having in place an already rigorous permitting process for larger projects. As conversations unfold between developers, clean-energy advocates, communities and state officials, it’s important to realize that the roots of […]