Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

EPA reminds New Englanders to use free air quality monitoring tools this summer

Air Quality Awareness Week is May 6 – 10, 2024

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BOSTON (May 6, 2024) – With the onset of warmer weather, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency urges New Englanders to be aware of the increased risk of ground-level ozone (often referred to as smog) and fine particle air pollution, […]

Do Environmentalists Really Care About the Environment?

Created by CCL Chapter member Jennifer Durgin.

Bob and Suzannah Ciernia

Readers of the Green Energy Times (G.E.T.) are among the nation’s most knowledgeable supporters of renewable energy. If you want to know about solar, wind, electric vehicles, batteries, and a host of cutting-edge developments, the companies and columnists who appear […]

Review of Global Climate Management

Alan Betts

The global climate situation has become very challenging as Mother Nature has taken over to save life on Earth in the face of the planned criminal destruction by the fossil fuel industry to maximize its profits. I have discussed this in earlier articles.

Last year and this past winter, there […]

Ponds, Lakes and Rivers: Other Casualties of Climate Change

A pond near the author’s home shows signs of siltation but is still mostly clear due to a stormwater migration program. (Bob Christiansen)

Russ Lanoie

One of the biggest environment threats to ponds, lakes and rivers comes from erosion of natural soils in developed areas. Unpaved roads, road shoulders, driveways, roof […]

POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER – April 4, 2024: Climate Solutions Caucus to Host Day of Climate Resilience at State House

POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER – Check Back with the State House on a Rescheduled Date Vermont Climate Solutions Caucus to Host Day of Climate Resilience at State House with Press Conference, Photo Gallery, and Stream Table Demonstration on Thursday, April 4th The Climate Solutions Caucus, in partnership with Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS), […]

Can We End the Climate Crisis in One Generation?

John Bos

There is a growing body of scientists that believe that we the people have passed the tipping point with respect to mitigating global warming, much less turning it around.

Paul Hawken is not one of them. Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of eight books that have been […]

Our Climate System is Moving Out of Control

Streams of water weave through the dirt, rocks and other debris at the washout on Route 113 in Madison where the road was closed just south of Boulder Road on July 16, seen here in the late afternoon after a morning of heavy rain. (RACHEL SHARPLES PHOTO)

Alan Betts

The last […]

Vermont Environmental Community Releases 2024 Common Agenda

Vermont is already experiencing firsthand the increasingly damaging impacts of climate change, including devastating flooding, damaged infrastructure, polluted air, and more. These are complex and intersectional challenges – but the state has an opportunity to advance pivotal policy solutions to address these issues. Join Vermont Conservation Voters and 18 partner organizations on Wednesday, January […]

The True Importance of COP28: It’s In Our Hands Now

TAKING THE INITIATIVE: Carl Pope’s Blog December 17th, 2023 San Francisco, CA

Common sense prevailed at the last COP28 moment, with the symbolic agreement to commit the world to moving beyond fossil fuels (as it had been doing rather steadily during the conference). One importance of the agreement is that future COP’s can start out […]

COP28: Smooth start

COP28: UN Climate Talks Have a Surprisingly Smooth Start reprinted from COP28: UN Climate Talks Have a Surprisingly Smooth Start – Bloomberg Notes from the ground By John Ainger

The COP28 climate summit could have hardly had a better start.

Delegates from nearly 200 countries agreed on details for […]