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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

A Deal of the Century to Produce Less Pollution

The construction of Climeworks direct-air capture plant, Orca on the geothermal park in Hellisheidi in Iceland. The plant is expected to be in operation in late summer 2021. (Climeworks) (

Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief, Green Builder

If it costs $15 million to build a machine that removes the same carbon as getting a few […]

Vermont’s Climate Change Plan Meeting/Thetford, VT: 9/11/21

350.orgVT and the VT Renews Coalition will host a meeting on Saturday, September 11 from 10am-noon at the Outdoor Classroom at Thetford Academy.

This fall, the State of Vermont is developing the plan for how we address the climate crisis and what our energy future will look like. This may be our best opportunity to […]

Under A White Sky — The Nature of the Future

Elizabeth Kolbert

Crown Publishing 2021 $28, 234 pages.

Book review by N.R. Mallery

Most of us have probably heard of or read Elizabeth Kolbert’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Sixth Extinction. In it, she brought our attention to the climate emergency in a way that leaves us alarmed and desperately searching for solutions. Hopefully we […]

Trust, Truth and Freedom

Dr. Alan K. Betts

Green energy businesses in the Northeast all understand that trust is central to developing and deploying new technology. Trust depends on honest, truthful and clear explanations to the public. The climate crisis requires a long transition of more than a decade.

The COVID crisis has clearly shown how trust is central […]

Human Health and the Health of Our Environment

John Bos

Massachusetts State Senator Jo Comerford wrote an important op ed article in Massachusetts’ Greenfield Recorder on June 24 entitled, “Bug, Weeds and Health” that immediately connected me to what Rachel Carson (Rachel C) had written about just shy of 60 years ago. This connection was prompted by Jo C’s sentence, “How do we […]

The Effect of Climate Change on our National Parks

Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss

The effects of climate change can be felt all over the globe in various ways, but America’s national parks seem to be suffering more than U.S. overall land mass. A 2020 study by researchers from UC Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin found that “human-caused climate change has exposed the […]