Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Harlow Farm – Organically Certified since 1985

GET staff

Harlow Farm, in Westminster, Vermont, is one of the oldest organic farms in the area. It received its organic certification in 1985. Today, it is still going strong, growing the same sorts of healthy products. These are sold in the farm’s own farm stand, farmers’ markets, through the farm’s Customer Supported […]

GET Outdoors

By-Ways & Waterways are Pathways to the Environment

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Summer is a wonderful time for water fun, if you know where to go and what to do there. There are literally hundreds of sites with various activities in New Hampshire and Vermont, far to many to print in this publication. What we can do […]

Tips for Safety at the Swimming Hole

Hiking and swimming in a naturally beautiful setting is popular in the Northeast … plus it’s free! Photo by inbetweenblog.

Summer is here, and with temperatures rising, many Vermonters will be seeking out the sweet relief of a cooling dip at their local swimming hole. While there are many managed beaches and swimming […]

Olympians Take Stand about Climate Change

By Roger Lohr

Andy Newell, US Ski Team and Olympic competitor in cross country skiing, created “Athletes for Action” before he set off for the Sochi Olympics. The idea was to coordinate athletes to encourage definitive government action on climate change. “We’re expecting more out of Washington and from world leaders,” he commented.

Newell recently […]

Meet Luci

A Product Review by N. R. Mallery

Luci is a neat new micro solar powered LED lantern. It is waterproof, re-chargeable, durable, sustainable, convenient, versatile, bright and can even be stylish.

I came across this unique light at Solarfest this year. The more I learned about it, the more I realized how amazing they really […]

The History of Additive-free Paints – Still Alive Today

By Jessica Goldblatt Barber

One may think that using milk to paint with is a very strange concept. But think of this — just try drinking a glass of milk and then leaving the glass on your bedside table or next to the kitchen sink. The next morning the milky residue has hardened and is […]

Universal Recycling and Composting in Vermont

Mandates Include Businesses

By Michele Morris

Way back in 2012, the Vermont legislature unanimously passed what is widely known as the Universal Recycling and Composting Law, Act 148. How time flies. On July 1 this year, Act 148 mandates started kicking in. “But I thought we were already recycling!” many of you are saying. Well […]

Sustainability in the Workplace

Ten Tips to Go Green — and Save Green

By Deborah DeMoulpied

You are in business, usually to make some kind of money, certainly not to lose money. As in the home, “going green” in the workplace actually saves you money and increases your bottom line. Sustainability also means creating a work environment that is […]

The Maker Movement

By Steve Goldsmith

The early days of our modern technology were full of bring-it-home and put-it-together opportunities. Many of us remember receiving catalogs full of great do-it-yourself projects from Heathkit. These included everything from electronic test equipment to television receivers, amateur radio equipment, and just about any other type of electronics you can imagine.

Somewhere […]

Sodium Alginate

By Larry Plesant

One of my personal top-10 favorite molecules for health and longevity is sodium alginate, aka algin. Faithful readers may recall my mention of it in past articles, and because it is so useful, cheap and nontoxic, I finally had to dedicate an entire column to it.

Kelp – a brown […]