Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

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Earth Day

5th Annual 5K Run and Free Fair Celebrate Earth Day in Londonderry, NH

Start of 5K race. Photo courtesy of LOCO Sports and Stonyfield.

On Saturday, May 16, 2015 Stonyfield, local, organic yogurt maker, in collaboration with LOCO Sports, will host the fifth annual Stonyfield Earth Day 5K & Fair. The event will […]

Autumn Road

By Peter Huntoon

“Autumn Road” was painted by Peter Huntoon in October, 2013. This painting holds a special memory in his heart, full of love and meaning.


Six Ways to Control Weeds Without Chemicals

By Jessica Barber Goldblatt

Weeds are many homeowners’ and gardeners’ biggest enemy. Roundup and other chemicals may seem like a weapon in the arsenal against weeds. However, they can leach into fruits and vegetables. They also run off and trickle down into groundwater. There are better, safer ways to prevent and control weeds […]

Sutherland Wells on my Deck

By N. R. Mallery

My deck was built twelve years ago. Since that time I have used a number of finishes on it, none of which was satisfactory. The last one I used was put down three years back, and I was so disappointed that I power-washed it off. The cedar wood of […]

Dining in the Green

NECI on Main Seasonal • Farm-Partners • Local • Sustainable

Tapas and a glass of red wine.

By N. R. Mallery

With our highlights on Montpelier’s goal as the first net-zero capital in the country, we thought it was fitting to include a Montpelier landmark for our dining in […]

Safer and More Effective Sunscreens

By Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss

Skin cancer is by far the most common form of cancer in the United States, with more new cases each year than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers combined. And the rate of newly diagnosed cases of the most deadly skin cancer, melanoma, has tripled over the […]

4 Pesticides You Might Be Eating

By Davis Jones

Photo by botahoratiu/istock

Yeah, we are what we eat, but an Amy isn’t an amitraz, and a Ted shouldn’t be a tetrachlorvinphos. It’s an unfortunate truth that many of our favorite fruits and vegetables contain pesticide residue. Even more unfortunate is how consumers are expected to decipher the health effects […]

What We Have Done and What We Can Do


Braydon Burt, a 15-yea-old student at Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center in Claremont, NH

By Braydon Burt

The Earth is over 4 billion years old, and in those 4 billion years, modern humans have only been around for 200,000 years. The early Earth was devoid of oxygen, but full of carbon […]

Cornell Adds in Black Oak Wind Farm’s Energy

By Blaine Friedlander, Cornell Chronicle


Making a stride toward reducing carbon emissions, Cornell University has agreed to purchase all electricity generated by the proposed Black Oak Wind Farm in Enfield, New York, which is pending municipal approvals. This purchase represents 20% of the university’s total annual electricity […]