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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere


Gaia’s Garden, Second Edition,  by Toby Hemenway
A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture
Transition into a sustainable future, even with very limited growing space and urban permaculture, in town or out.  Soil, conserving water, beneficial insects, fruits, nuts, and other foods, while also eliminating the typical lawn and garden.

The Chelsea Green Guides, by Jon Clift, Amanda Cuthbert, Nicky Scott, Rory McMullan
Biking to Work • Greening Your Office: From Cupboard to Corporation
Composting: An easy Household GuideEnergy: Use Less, Save MoreReduce, Reuse, Recycle: An Easy Household GuideWater: Use Less, Save More.

The Winter Harvest Handbookby Eliot Coleman
Yr-Round Vegetables Using Deep Organic Techniques & Unheated Greenhouses.
Pushing the limits of the harvest season in Harborside, Maine, with little or no energy input – Indispensable contribution to our changing future.

Fresh Food from Small Spacesby R. J. Ruppenthal
The Square-Inch Gardener’s Guide to Year-Round Growing, Fermenting, & Sprouting. Transform balconies & windowsills into productive vegetable gardens, countertops and storage lockers into commercial-quality sprout & mushroom farms. Living in apartments, grow up to 20% or more of your own fresh food using space-saving techniques.

Small-Scale Grain Raising, Second Edition,  by Gene Logsdon
An Organic Guide to Growing, Processing, & Using Nutritious Whole Grains for Home Gardeners & Local Farmers. An introduction to a wide range of both common and lesser-known specialty grains and related field crops…a field full of information & ideas in this classic.

Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money,    by Woody Tasch
Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered.
A new strategy for investing in local food systems. Imagine an alternative stock exchange dedicated to slow, small, and local … get food from CSAs? Step on a path to a new economy and culture based on preservation and restoration.

Time’s Up! An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis,  by Keith Farnish
The book that could make the differnce between humanity surviving or ending.
We are prepared to die in order to live a life that is killing us & how our actions affect the very things on Earth that we depend on for survival… It arms us with the tools to free us from a culture that has blinded us for centuries & to live in a way that will give Earth, & ourselves, a viable future.

The Transition Timeline – For a Local, Resilient Future,  by Shaun Chamberlin
The Transition Timeline lightens the fear of our uncertain future, providing a map of what we are facing and the different pathways available to us, to move into a more fulfilling, lower energy world.
Details are examined in depth, covering food, energy, demographics, transport & healthcare, and provide a sense of context for communities working towards a thriving future. Update on climate change & peak oil & the interactions between them, including their impacts, present & future.   Green Energy Times highly recommends this as one book everyone should read! It is invaluable to shape our future!

Future Scenarios – How Communities Can Adapt to Peak Oil & Climate Change
by David Holmgren
Four scenarios that bring to life the likely cultural, political, agricultural, and economic implications of peak oil & climate change, the era of “energy descent” that faces us, & makes clear the strategies for preparing for & adapting to our future.

The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbookby Richard Wiswall
Brand New! Make your vegetable production more efficient, better manage your employees & finances, and turn a profit. Crop production, managing employees, farm operations, office systems, marketing, business spending, investing, & planning for retirement + a CD of business tools, with spreadsheets for projecting cash flow, a payroll calculator, comprehensive crop budgets, and tax planners.

Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning, by Gardeners & Farmers of Terre Vivante
This book deliberately ignores freezing & high-temperature canning in favor of methods that are superior because they are more nutritious & energy efficient…. It is an essential guide for those who seek healthy food for a healthy world.

How to Store Your Garden Produce, by Piers Warren
Revised Edition The Key to Self-Sufficiency.  Storing your garden produce is the key to self-sufficiency. With less than an acre of garden you can grow enough produce to feed a family of four for a year.  A joy to read and use!

The Carbon-Free Home, by Rebekah Hren, Stephen Hren.  A guide for renovating existing homesfor hands-on knowledge necessary to kick the fossil-fuel habit; projects listed by skill, time, cost, & energy saved. For every aspect of your life currently powered by fossil fuels, The Carbon-Free Home offers alternatives to get started using renewable and sustainable sources of power.

The Passive Solar House, by James Kachadorian.  A complete guide to heating & cooling your home. The new edition of this best-selling guide includes CSOL passive solar design software. Heat your home with the power of the sun.

Wind Energy Basics, 2nd edition, by Paul Gipe. Soberly critical of past energy mistakes & convincingly optimistic about the future. Wind Energy Basics offers a solution to transform our world from one of fossil carbon to one of clean power.  How-to for home-based wind applications, to choose or avoid. Renewable investment strategies & cautionary tales of wind applications gone wrong.

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