Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

August 2023 Articles Online

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Front Page

1 Earth Closes In On 1.5ºC Increase
1 Too Hot This Summer?
1 No, This is Not the New Normal

News and Happenings

2 Letter from the Editor

Regional Energy News

3 Bernie Asks You to “Look Around”

Transportation Solutions

4 EV Sales Continue to Soar, but a Surge in Production Could Lead to a Glut
5 The Standardization of Tesla’s Supercharger Technology
6 Trucking’s Solution to Climate Change
6 Upper Valley Transportation Center Receives Two Energy Efficiency Awards

Solar PV

8 Meet Your Solar Installer: South Pack Solar
9 Solar Module Materials and Disposal
9 Low-to-moderate-income Solar Projects Awarded Funding
10 Portable Power When and Where You Want It
11 Never Change a Remote’s Batteries Again!
12 Solar and Wind Providing Majority of New Generating Capacity in 2023
12 A Tale of an Off the Grid Solar Home
13 We Don’t Need as Much Energy as We Thought
13 How much electricity does your home use?

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 Sodium-Ion and Iron-Air Batteries
14 The Small Nukes Scam
15 Holy Microbes Batman! Gotham Gas is Going Green!
16 The Climate Crisis is Here but Climate Optimism is Important
16 Community Power in New Hampshire

Business and Financial

17 Renewable Investors Perceive U.S. Market Increasing in Attractiveness
17 Solar Energy Increases the Value of Your Home


18 Incentives

Feature: Special Events

20 Geothermal, the Underground Revolution
20 SolarFest Adapts to Climate Change
21 World Geothermal Energy Day

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 The NY HEAT Act Bill Is ‘Good For You
25 Turner Piping and Refrigeration, Rutland, VT

Building and Energy Efficiency

26 Energy Collaboration Seeks to Help Peterborough
28 Old House Remodel Allows an All-electric Lifestyle
30 $46 Million in Funding for Energy Efficiency

Climate News

31 Hopeful, Hopeless and Possibilities
31 Citizens on Capitol Hill for thhe Climate
32 Satellites Identify Problematic Methane Pollution Sites
33 Climate Extremes and Surprises

Sustainable Agriculture

35 Agrivoltaics Has Potential to Diversify Income for Farmers
35 It Really Is About Water

Green Life

37 Sustainable Product Solutions Review
38 October is Co-op Month – Celebrate Co-ops!