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August 2022 Articles Online

Front Page

1 EV Myths Busted
1 The Era of Cheap American Gas is Over
1 Vermont Reaping the Benefits of Yesterday’s Forward-Looking Energy Policies

News and Happenings

2 Kudos to Our Awesome Team

Regional Energy News

3 Playing Defense on Energy Efficiency in the NH Legislature
3 2021 National Solar Jobs Census Released

Transportation Solutions

4 Electrifying Transportation in VT
4 USPS Plans for More Electric Mail Trucks
4 New E-Bike Rebate for Vermont Residents
5 Contractor Spotlight: Garvey Nissan
6 Financially: Keep a Gas Car or Buy a Plug-In Car?

Solar Photovoltaics

8 SolarFest Returns to Center Stage in Brandon, VT
9 Granite State Solar, Bow, New Hampshire
10 Leaving No Carbon Footprint Camping in Maine
11 Fortress Power Presents Their New Flex Tower
12 Zinc8 Decouples the Linkage Between Energy and Power
12 New Hampshire’s Center Harbor Region

Renewable Energy Solutions

15 ReVision Energy’s Apprenticeship Program
15 Wind Energy Training Program at VTC

Business and Financial

18 New Onlogic Global Headquarters Showcases Commitment To Sustainability
19 Addressing Inflation, High Gas Prices, and Pollution

Feature: Heating and Fuels for a Sustainable Future

20 Heat Locally to Cool Globally
20 It’s Time to Think Solar

Climate News

22 Accelerating Climate Change And The Living Earth
22 The Importance of New England Forests
23 What Can One Person Do?
23 Book Review: To Be a Water Protector

Renewable Heating and Cooling

24 Funding Notice: Community Geothermal
26 Forest Carbon Management, Part II
28 Williams College Takes a Crash Course in Window Weatherization

Building and Energy Efficiency

29 Save Energ y and Stay Warm This Fall with These Window Installation Tips
30 Getting Serious About Weatherization
31 Interpreting IR Images
32 Energy Efficieny Remodel in Maine
33 Warm and Cool Homes, Part Three

Sustainable Education

34 Weatherization Training
34 Cautionary Words About Foam Insulation

Sustainable Agriculture

35 Ingredient of the Month: Aluminum Cans
35 Elmore Roots: The Beat Goes On

Green Life

37 Building a Permaculture Garden in Italy
38 Beating Blue-Green Algae
39 The Solar Sal 24