Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 2024 Articles Online


Front Page

1 Three Greenhouse Gases Reached Record Highs Last Year
1 Gas-powered Cars are Losing Market Share to EVs and Hybrids
1 Recycling Creates a Circular Economy for Solar Panels

News and Happenings

2 Celebrating 15 Years of Green Energy Times!

Clean Energy News

3 Deepening Climate Crisis Galvanizes Transformative Energy Bill
3 Op-Ed: Doctor Advocates Passage of New VT Energy Standard
3 $3.5 Million Available To Develop Grid Improvements In NYS

Transportation Solutions

4 Electric Vehicle Charging: A Slippery Road Ahead for Gas Station Operators
5 Charge Me Up?
6 Commutesmart NH And Commutesmart Seacoast
Commit To Sustainable Transportation
6 Earth Day EV Expo reflects trend toward electric vehicles

Solar PV

8 Microgrid Secures Power for Rochester-Brandon, VT Mountain Zone
9 Meet Your Solar Installer: SunCommon
10 ReVision Solar Projects Benefit Local Communities
11 Grappone Mazda Gets Solar Energy
12 Recycling Solar in the USA Accelerates the Circular Economy for Renewables
13 Long Wary of Batteries, New York is Now Poised to Go Big on Energy Storage
14 The Quest for More Efficient Photovoltaics

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 A Second Life for Wind Turbines
15 The End of Coal-Burning Power Plants in New England is Here
15 New Hampshire’s Community Power Movement Expands

Business and Financial

16 The Potency of Food Recovery and the Climate
16 EPA and DOE Name NHSaves® Utility Partners a 2024 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award Winner
17 White House Awards $20 Billion to Nation’s First ‘Green Bank’ Network
17 Efficiency Maine Green Bank Receives Grant to Bolster Clean Investment Loan Initiatives
17 Ship & Shore Environmental Solutions
18 Incentives

Feature: Plastic, Health & the Environment

20 Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter
20 What Can You Do to Cut Down on Plastic Exposure and Pollution?
21 Oh Buoy! Mushrooms to the Rescue
21 VT Votes Yes To Protect Health & the Environment

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 Audits Help Efforts to Reduce Energy Costs – NY, VT, NH, ME
23 National Geothermal Month!
25 Contracctor Spotlight potlight: Sisler Builders
26 Cheshire County, NH Sustainability

Building and Energy Efficiency

27 Energy Efficiency Pays Off for Patch’s Market
28 Protecting Affordable Housing While Lowering Energy Bills
29 Boston Hosts the World’s Tallest Passive House
31 Housing 2.0 – Steps in the Right Direction

Climate News

32 A Review of Global Climate Management
32 Ponds, Lakes and Rivers: Other Casualties of Climate Change
33 Do Environmentalists Really Care About the Environment?

Sustainable Agriculture

34 Springtime Yellow You Can See From Afar
35 Sulforaphane, the Amazing Antioxidant
You’ve Never Heard Of

Green Life

35 Embodied Carbon Defined
36 Fostering Hope with a Dryer?
37 Can Lawn Chemicals Cause Canine Cancer?
38 Compost Food Waste in Style
39 DIY: E-Bike Battery Charged by EGO Yard Maintenance Battery