Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 2021 Articles Online


Front Page

1 Clean Energy Investments
1 Going Electric on Two Wheels
1 Higher Paying Jobs for Clean Energy

News and Happenings

2 Letter from the Editor
2 Addressing the Biggest Problems
3 Renewables Rule And Solar Shines Brightest
3 The Dirty Truth about Combustion Engine Vehicles

Transportation Solutions

5 The Latest News on Electric Pickup Trucks: 2021!
6 Economic Impact of Electric Vehicles for NH

Clean Energy News

7 The Case for the Community Power Coalition
7 Thinking Locally to Confront a Global Problem

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Camp W: Solar … and SO Much More!
9 14,500 kWh of Solar Provide Power for Kroka Expeditions *
10 Spring Equinox at the 45th Parallel
13 Renewable Energy Secures Military Functionality


15 Why the New Tax Credit for Biomass Heating Systems is Good for New Hampshire

Renewable Energy Solutions

16 Renewable Energy at our NY and VT Statehouses
16 New Hampshire Sustainability Innovation Conference Recap
17 Edging Ever Closer to 100% Renewable
17 Town of Hanover’s Renewable Path

Business and Financial

18 The Foodscraps 360 Solution
18 The Refill Station Solution

Feature – Celebrate the Planet

20 8 Cool Solar-Powered Camping Gears for Green Adventure
21 Restore Our Earth™ • Earth Day 2021
21 Green Up Day Vermont 2021 *

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 Heating and Cooling Your Home
23 Campton, NH School Energy Upgrade

Building and Energy Efficiency

25 Wright Construction Builds with Award-Winning Techniques

Climate News

26 The Ways of the Earth
26 The New Climate War
27 Cash for Your Refrigerants – Help for the Planet

Building and Energy Efficiency (continued)

28 Factors That Determine Thermal Comfort
29 Integrating Social Equity into Green Building
30 A Thermal Image Walk-Around
31 Kramer Services of South Londonderry, Vermont

Sustainable Education

32 Solar Powers Plymouth State’s Energy Efficiency
34 Phillips Exeter’s Green Academy Awarded Sixth Leed Certification

Ingredient of the Month

34 An E-mower User Experience

Sustainable Agriculture

34 The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on The Plain
35 Successful Farming Practices in the Face of Climate Change

Green Life

37 Green, Clean Paint
38 1.56 Billion Face Masks are Just the Beginning
39 The Environmental Impact of Our Choices