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April 2015 Articles Online

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Front Cover

1 Montpelier, Vermont … is doing it
1 Microgrids for Economic Development
1 Devastating Cuts to Renewables in New Hampshire

Editor’s Page

2 Green Up Vermont

News and Happenings

3 Yes, Burlington is 100% Renewable


4 “White River Junction”
4 EV Charging Equipment Rebates in New Hampshire
4 EV Financing is Available in Vermont
5 Bikes Make Sense
6 New! Find All Communter Resources in One Place
6 Environmental Court Rules Idling Trucks in Violation

Community Power

7 Vermont Solar Farm Wins 2015 Project of Distinction Award
8 100% Renewable Power – What Will It Cost?

Power to the Community

10 Plymouth, New Hampshire is Doin’ It
11 EcoHouse
11 Oldies … but Goodies – A recap of stories about Plymouth
Solar Photovoltaics
13 Solarize Upper Valley – 1.7 Megawatts and Counting …
15 Rutland’s Growing Resilience
Hydro Power
15 Hydro Site for Sale


17 Massachusetts Solar Loan Program
17 New Massachusetts SREC Policy

 Wind Power

17 Nea-Tocht Farm Hosts Wind Turbine

Heating Efficiency

18 A Geothermal Heat Pump with a Pond Loop
18 Cold Climate Heat Pump Workshop

Re-powering New York

20 Bringing G.E.T. to New York
20 Steps to Energy Independence in New York State
20 Solarizing New York’s Capital Region
21 Net Zero in Clifton Park, New York

Energy Efficiency

22 Remarks of a Local Windows Pro
23 Making Energy Since 1939 – A History of the NHEC
24 New Low-Interest Financing for Energy Improvements in VT
24 New Hampshire Programs for Improving the Home
24 89 Ways to Save

News, Clues, & Reviews

25 Backyard Roots!
25 Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid
25 The Woodchuck Returns to Gardening

Building Efficiency

27 Building with ICFs and SIPs
28 Windows in Double Wall Construction
29 Passive House – A Response to Climate Change

Sustainable Agriculture

30 Biomass to Biofuels
30 Re-using Greywater at Home
31 Raingardens

Sustainable Education

32 The Wells Reserve at Laudholm is Now 100% Solar .
32 How Green is the Harris Center Building?
33 What We Have and What We Can Do
33 Cornell Oks Black Oak Wind Farm’s Eenrgy
33 From the Minds of Youth

It’s a Green Life … After All

35 Ingredient of the Month – Brain Health 102 .
35 Safer and More Effective Sunscreens .
35 Four Pesticides You Might Be Eating

Sustainable Sports

36 Earth Day: 5th Annual 5k Run and Free Fair

Dining in the Green

37 NECI on Main

It’s a Green Life After All

38 Sutherland Wells on my Deck
39 Six Ways to Control Weeds
39 Autumn Road