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VT Votes Yes To Protect Health & the Environment

The Vermont Senate has voted to advance S.25, which would restrict the use of toxic chemicals like PFAS in personal care products, menstrual products, textiles, and artificial turf. This bill takes important steps to protect Vermonters’ health and our environment from these harmful chemicals, targeting specific areas of consumer products that are major sources of exposure and environmental contamination, including:

  • Banning a list of 14 chemicals and chemical classes from personal care products and period products
  • Banning PFAS from all textiles, including apparel
  • Banning PFAS from artificial turf fields

Every exposure pathway matters, and S.25 takes an important step to stop these harmful products from entering our marketplace.

From production of the chemicals, to their transport, their use in products, and disposal in our landfills, toxic chemicals pose threats to communities throughout their lifecycle.

For each of these product categories, there are safer and cost-competitive alternatives available – or the chemicals are not necessary in the first place. This bill aligns us more closely with states like CA and WA, and many retailers are also starting to move away from the use of these toxic substances in the products they sell. It will require more companies to restrict these harmful chemicals in these product classes.

Read more about this important win for public health and environmental protection at at

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