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Compost Food Waste in Style

The bamboo Bamboozle compost container. (Courtesy image)

N.R. Mallery

We assume most readers of Green Energy Times compost their food scraps. If you do not compost, we hope you will start immediately.

If you garden, you have probably been composting for a long time. In a posting on the Natural Resources Defense Council website, the “Composting 101” article states, “Recycling food and other organic waste into compost provides a range of environmental benefits, including improving soil health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling nutrients, and mitigating the impact of droughts.” ( Food scraps accumulate daily. We can and should use them to our benefit. This is a step nearly everyone can take.

It all starts by collecting your daily food waste. It is easy to just put food scraps into any old bucket or bowl, but this may not be something you want to keep visible on your countertop. We came across a nice solution, the Bamboozle kitchen compost bin. The container is crafted from bamboo fiber and spruces up the kitchen counter in style with an assortment of colors to choose from.

What is so great and different about The Bamboozle container? It’s sustainable! The 8” x 6.25” x 9 container holds a lot of scraps before needing to be emptied. The vented and filtered lid is designed to catch unpleasant odors while allowing airflow for optimal composting conditions. The hemp or charcoal filter blocks smells and is disposable, so the kitchen does not smell like a dumpster! When it is empty, whether you use a compostable liner or not, simply pop it in the dishwasher for a good cleaning.

The bin is durable enough to survive countless trips to your composter or community drop-offs. And years from now, when itis time to bid adieu to your compost bin, it simply returns to the soil without a trace because it, too, is compostable. This is called sustainability!

We hope you have been composting all winter long. With gardening season upon us as well as farmer’s markets brimming with wonderful fresh vegetables this is a good time to take steps to reduce your food waste in style with Bamboozle. The biodegradable compost bin looks like ceramic but is made from repurposed bamboo in a nice design that complements the look and feel of any kitchen. But the beauty of Bamboozle is just how well the brand merges form and function, and how easily it promotes a simple shift towards kitchen composting.

A stinky trash can is a thing of the past as more people understand the many benefits of composting their food waste.

This Bamboozle compost bin is nice enough that we think you will want to leave it on your counter, because it is not just about function; it is a statement piece that fits in to a modern kitchen or a cozy country kitchen.

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