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Audits Help Efforts to Reduce Energy Costs – NY, VT, NH, ME

NEW YORK: Residential Energy Audits for No Cost

Take control of your energy bill and live more comfortably in your home. It all starts with a no-cost home energy assessment conducted by participating residential auditors. The assessment, also referred to as an energy audit, provides you with a top-to-bottom look at where your home is wasting energy and flags any potential health or safety issues.

All New York homeowners of one- to four- family homes can get a no-cost energy assessment.

Getting an energy assessment can uncover the underlying problems and put you on the path to lasting savings and comfort.

It’s also important to complete an assessment prior to making efficiency upgrades or installing clean energy technologies, such as heat pumps or solar panels to ensure the system is correctly sized. By properly sealing and insulating a home after an assessment, you may be able to install a smaller heating or solar system, resulting in additional savings.

Learn more about what to expect from an assessment in our complete guide to home energy assessments (

Get a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment (Audit)

Connect with a contractor in your area through:

  1. Residential Energy Assessment Program to complete an assessment or
  2. EmPower+ to apply if income-eligible to receive discounts on energy efficiency upgrades following the assessment.

Residential Energy Assessment

All owners of one-to-four family homes in New York State are eligible to receive a no-cost energy assessment. Find a Contractor at .


Income-eligible renters and homeowners can get a no-cost energy assessment and support with energy efficiency upgrades to save energy and create healthier, more comfortable living spaces. Learn more at .

Additional Resources

In addition to discounts by NYSERDA, there may be other financial incentives and offerings available through utilities and local community-based organizations.

Regional Clean Energy Hubs. Households are encouraged to work with their Regional Clean Energy Hub () for information about the benefits of the clean energy, ways to reduce energy use and costs, and how to make more informed energy decisions.

Capital Region. The capital region hub serves Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Warren and Washington counties. Contact: Susan Cotner, (518) 275-4805,;

NYS Clean Heat: Heat pump info, rebates and financing

Solar Panels for your home or community solar info: How to go solar, how to pay for it, FAQs and resources

VERMONT: Home Energy Assessments

The first step in saving energy is understanding how much you use and which products or systems use the most.

An energy assessment helps you understand where your home is losing heat or wasting electricity, and how you can address it. You can do a basic assessment on your own with some help from Efficiency Vermont, or you can have a professional contractor do an assessment for you. We manage a network of qualified contractors who have knowledge of building science, and experience with a range of building types.

1. No Cost Over-the-Phone Consultation

Efficiency Vermont’s customer support team will ask some questions about your home’s heating and cooling systems, insulation, lighting, and appliances. This gives us a better picture of where your home may be using more energy than necessary. Find out what your options are, including equipment or weatherization upgrades, rebates and next steps.

2. Virtual Home Energy Visit

Are you ready to embark on a home efficiency project, but aren’t exactly sure how to start? When youschedule a free virtual visit (, an energy experts willassess your home via video chat. They will answer your questions and look for places where your home may be losing energy. Thevisit takes about an hour and a half. It is a convenient way to access a home energy expert and to receive guidance on your home’s specific issues or areas for improvement, and a personalized list of next steps.

Professional On-Site Assessments

An on-site energy assessment is a comprehensive way to understand your home’s energy use. You can choose a standard home energy assessment, or a healthy home energy assessment.

Standard Home Energy Assessment. An Efficiency Excellence Network weatherization contractor (EEN) can inspect your home for energy saving opportunities and common health and safety improvements. This includes insulation, air-sealing, heating, and ventilation systems. The contractor then suggests improvements that are cost-effective.

Healthy Home Energy Assessment

Households with chronic illness or health risks, such as asthma, should consider a healthy home energy assessment. There is potential to address health hazards like poor indoor air quality, mold, or pests with proper air sealing, insulation, and ventilation.

Learn more about home energy assessments in Vermont at or call them at 888.921.5990.

MAINE: Home Energy Assessments

To get a home energy assessment in Maine, you can either visit MaineHousing or call 800.452.4668 to get a list of certified energy auditors1. The energy assessment process takes about three to four hours and starts with a homeowner interview to discuss your priorities and plans for the house2. The auditors will then perform an interior and exterior inspection of your home

Maine Home Energy Audit – First Step to Energy Efficiency

An energy audit can be a logical first step toward reducing energy waste. Energy advisors perform various tests to determine the best energy savings opportunities and provide suggestions on projects that can address potential health and safety issues including moisture, mold, and radon. Energy audits can include a walk-through of the entire home and tests using a blower door, combustion safety equipment, and a thermal camera (

Insulation Incentives are up to $9,200

Improving insulation can make your home more comfortable, lower your heating bills, and prevent ice dams, frozen pipes, and cold drafts. Insulation-Rebates-Brochure.pdf (

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Home Energy Assessments

Whether you want to improve the comfort of your home, reduce the impact it has on the planet or learn about the long-term costs associated with your energy usage, your NHSaves® utility partners have the resources to help calculate the efficiency of your home. The Home Heating Index Tool available on is an easy, online calculator that can help you evaluate the current efficiency of your home. The Home Heating Index Tool can be found at .

Energy Audits and Weatherization

Another way to examine the efficiency of your home is to use the home efficiency calculator at the web page, “Energy Audits & Weatherization.” It offers a series of steps, Test Your Home, and addresses some of the options for financing. The web page is found at .

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