Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 21 Greene Energy Times

Headline News:

  • “Queensland Looks To Cut Emissions By 75% In A Decade In Rare Show Of Bipartisanship” • Queensland is looking to harness its power as the Sunshine State for something more than the skin cancer capital of the world. Cutting emissions by 75% by 2035 and a renewable energy target of 80% by 2035 have been enshrined in law in a bipartisan vote. [ABC]

Queensland wind farm (Queensland government image)

  • “Wind Farms Require Far Less Land Than Previously Believed” • Decision-makers have hesitated to embrace wind farms, partly because of a belief that the wind farms require vast tracts of land. However, a remarkable study conducted by researchers at McGill University reveals that this belief may be based on outdated and inaccurate information. []
  • “Data Centers Fuel AI And Crypto But Could Threaten Climate, Experts Say” • Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency take a lot of power. At complexes, which typically span 100,000 square feet, the increased energy usage could jeopardize the fight to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change, experts told ABC News. [ABC News]
  • “Tesla Model Y Cheaper Than Ever In USA” • A week ago, the Tesla Model Y had a base price below the average selling price of a new car in the US. In fact, taking the US EV tax credit into account, the Model Y was essentially $10,000 cheaper than the average selling price of a new car in the US, which is $47,244. Now the Model Y is even cheaper. [CleanTechnica]
  • “’Uncharted Territory’: El Niño To Flip To La Niña In What Could Be The Hottest Year On Record” • El Niño is likely to give way soon, a NOAA scientist said. For the US, this climatological flip-flop will likely mean a greater risk of major hurricanes in the Atlantic as well as areas of drier-than-usual weather in southern portions of the country. [Live Science]

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