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NH Municipal Solar Grant Program

NHDOE’s application for EECBG Program funding remains under review with USDOE.

NHDOE anticipates releasing an RFP for the Municipal Solar Grant Program sometime after that review in late winter 2024. The following are several Municipal Solar Grant Program highlights to give municipalities a sense of program expectations:

• Municipalities must wholly own the project site location and any buildings benefiting from the project. Proposed projects must have at least 80% insolation.
• Municipalities must not qualify for a direct EECBG Formula grant, seek to expand existing solar facilities, or have projects that are full funded through municipal approval or other means.
• The Municipal Solar Grant Program will not cover costs unrelated to the direct material, equipment, or labor costs related to the design, construction, and installation of the solar system.

NHDOE will use this newsletter as the primary means to inform interested parties of program developments. Visit NHDOE’s Municipal Solar Grant Program for more information here.

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