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Letter from the Publisher: Winter

Nancy Rae Mallery

I write this while thinking about COP28 that will end just as we go to press.

There is yet another forecast for a lot more rain. Is there going to be an end to so much rain this year? Is this what climate change is going to give us going forward? It’s a problem here in the northeast, yet other areas in the country and world are screaming for rain. Here’s an idea: perhaps we can stop using the gas pipelines and send water through them to places that need it. (Now, there’s a thought, eh?) They have done this in China where cities with high rise apartment buildings have no water. (Can you imagine living on the 15th floor and hauling water up there to shower, wash dishes and drink?) Should we count our blessing for this record year of rain? Which is worse, flooding or droughts?

Back to COP28: I am hopeful that the outcome will benefit the future of us all living on this planet. No matter what happens there, we still must carry on doing all we can and more.

This edition of Green Energy Times shows that progress is happening, like electric trucks. Check out the electric truck charging maps in the planning for the northeast on page7, along with how Albany, NY airport is making significant advances to reduce its carbon footprint.

Solar is booming, but we have a long way to go. All clean renewable energy must move forward much faster if we are to get our emissions down in time to avoid the results of not doing so.

We must get past our dependence on dirty fossil fuels. This is not an easy transition, but it needs to happen. I smile as I drive past the power lines here in upstate New York, because I see so much of the aging transmission lines being replaced with new ones that will be able to assure our transition to a clean energy future happens. This is covered starting on the front page.

This issue includes sports and music features on the front page and center-spread on pages20-21. In the solar section, read about a Vermont company that has a solar solution for gatherings and many other applications. Winter sports are leading some to sustainability. The front-page article about a local hockey legend led him to a clean energy direction that many would not expect. A big hand goes to Mike Richter! We hope you all get outside this winter to enjoy the great sports we can enjoy outdoors.

With 2024 around the corner, so is tax season! National Grid Renewables is helping communities beat their tax burdens. On page 9, read how they helped two Ohio communities with huge tax revenue benefits. National Grid Renewables is all over the northeast. Many more communities in our own region can do likewise!

Of course, winter brings the need to keep warm. Staying indoors in a healthful indoor environment (p.28) is a must, because we find ourselves spending more time indoors this season. Heating homes without fossil fuels is a big win and makes so much sense, after sealing and insulating. Our solutions found in our heating section can help you afford to stay warm this winter without the dangers from using fossil fuels. Thinking of the gas or oil leak fumes that so many innocently inhale can lead to many health issues as well as life-threatening situations such as fire or explosions related to oil and gas and heating problems. Ground and air-source heat pumps are safer, cleaner, with more benefits beyond clean heat with cooling in the summers.

Are you planning to build a new energy-efficient home in 2024? On page 27, read about a local award-winning, woman-owned company who can help you with your plans for building a net-zero home.

The Climate News section is full of info you will want to read about the results of COP28.

Winter is happening and is covered in our It’s a Green Life After All section (pages35-39). What happens to all the food waste and scraps that accumulate? It is still possible to compost in the winter. You can read about how to do so on page37.

We hope you get outdoors and enjoy the winter wonderland we have here in the northeast. Read about a local ski area west of Albany, NY that is taking sustainability seriously. Maple Ski Ridge is a great place to get fresh, clean winter air and feel good to support local (page39).

May 2024 bring us a year of hope, health and happiness! — Nancy Rae

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