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October 26 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Schuyler Gould: Not One Ounce Of Nearly 100,000 Tons Of High-Level Radioactive Waste Has Been Safely Disposed Of” • What is this country going to do with its high-level radioactive waste? Arguably the most toxic substance on the planet, not one ounce of the nearly 100,000 tons produced in this country has been safely disposed of. [Vermont Digger]

Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in 2012 (NRC image)

  • “Wisk Is First EVTOL Air Taxi Firm To Make Public Flights, Lilium Offers First EVTOL Aircraft For Private Purchase” • Wisk became the first eVTOL air taxi firm to make public flights at Long Beach Airport in Los Angeles County. Also, Lilium Jet, together with EMCJET, is offering the first private eVTOL in the US to customers. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Turbocharged Otis Caught Forecasters And Mexico Off-Guard. Scientists Aren’t Sure Why” • Acapulco was told to expect a tropical storm, but 24 hours later, Otis made landfall with 165 mph (266 kph) winds, the strongest ever recorded in the East Pacific. Otis’ winds went from 70 mph (113 kph) winds to 160 mph (257 kph) in just 12 hours. [ABC News]
  • “First High-Speed Train Arrives In Southern Hemisphere – Bandung Confluence” • The first high-speed train south of the equator connects two of Indonesia’s largest cities, which are on the island of Java. One is the national capital, Jakarta, with 11.25 million residents. The other isthe fourth largest city, Bandung, with 2.67 million. [CleanTechnica]

KCIC high-speed train (KCIC press image)

  • “Heat Pump Water Heater Sales In 2022 Signal A Decisive Shift In Water Heating Trends” • Energy-efficient water heating took significant strides in 2022. Sales of heat pump water heaters grew 26% last year, while sales of gas water heaters declined by 17%, underlining a clear shift in the US toward more efficient, electric-powered water heating systems. [CleanTechnica]
  • “New Hampshire Delegation Welcomes Nearly $500,000 To Expand Energy Efficiency In Rural Communities” • Nearly $500,000 in funding were allocated in New Hampshire through the Rural Energy for America Program Technical Assistance as part of nearly $2 billion in funding provided for REAP through the Inflation Reduction Act. [Senator Jeanne Shaheen]

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