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Energy Action Network Summit and Annual Progress Report Presentation this Thurs. 9/28 at Sugarbush

Climate and energy summit to be held as new report finds Vermont not meeting its climate responsibility, missing economic opportunity.

On Thursday, September 28th, 2023, the Energy Action Network will host its annual Network Summit. EAN’s 2023 Annual Progress Report for Vermont on Emissions, Energy, Equity, and the Economy will be presented for the first time at the Summit, along with a new research paper that assesses Vermont’s climate responsibility. Each year, EAN’s tracking and analysis provides an in-depth overview of where Vermont stands relative to its climate and renewable energy commitments.

What: Annual Summit of the Energy Action Network (EAN). Presentation of EAN’s 2023 Annual Progress Report for Vermont on Energy, Emissions, Equity, and the Economy, plus new research assessing Vermont’s climate responsibility. Remarks from state leaders.

When: Thursday, September 28, 2023

Where: Sugarbush, Warren, VT

Who: Speakers will include:

  • Secretary of State Sarah Copeland Hanzas
  • Attorney General Charity Clark
  • Treasurer Mike Pieciak
  • Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman
  • Senator Christopher Bray, Chair, Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee
  • Representative Amy Sheldon, Chair, House Environment and Energy Committee
  • Representative Sara Coffey, Chair, House Transportation Committee
  • Jared Duval, EAN Executive Director

Note: full agenda available here.

Why: The event will highlight key findings from this year’s report and what they mean for Vermont. Statewide elected officials and legislative leaders will address their energy and climate priorities. State government officials will discuss efforts to secure federal funding for climate investments in Vermont.

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