Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 26 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Crucial System Of Ocean Currents Is Heading For A Collapse That ‘Would Affect Every Person On The Planet’” • A vital system of ocean currents could collapse in a few decades if the world continues to pump out planet-heating pollution, scientists warn. The event would be catastrophic for global weather and “affect every person on the planet.” [CNN]

Atlantic Ocean (Jacob Buller, Unsplash)

  • “China Surpasses Renewable Energy Targets Five Years Ahead Of Schedule” • A report by Global Energy Monitor, an NGO that monitors wind and solar farms, China has exceeded its ambitious goals. The report reveals that China is set to double its renewable energy capacity by 2025, reaching a milestone of 1,200 GW of solar and wind capacity. [Microgrid Media]
  • “Florida Ocean Temps Surge To 100°F As Mass Coral Bleaching Event Is Found In Some Reefs” • Multiple reefs near the Florida Keys are completely bleached or dead in a grim escalation that took place in as little as two weeks, experts told CNN. A buoy in the Florida Bay hit 101.1°F at a depth of 5 feet, one of the highest temperatures ever recorded anywhere. [CNN]
  • “Another New Solar Cell Factory For The USA, Another Win For Bidenomics” • In the world of Bidenomics, clean power is a job-creating dynamo touching off a US manufacturing boom. The latest example is a new 2-GW PV cell factory that originally was supposed to be built in Germany. Instead its 350 jobs will go to Colorado Springs. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Brightnight, Rivian, And The Nature Conservancy Unite To Transform Starfire Coal Mine Into Kentucky’s Largest Renewable Power Project” • The Nature Conservancy, Brightnight, and Rivian announced that Starfire Mine, once one of the largest US coal mines, will be the site of a solar energy center. Its capacity will be 800 MW. [The Nature Conservancy]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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