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July 20 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “The Economics Of Green Energy: A Case Study Of Wind Ranchers In Texas” • When a developer offered John Davis cash for the right to install an array of wind turbines on his land, he looked at the numbers. Davis can get $8 per acre raising cattle, $15 per acre from deer hunters, but many hundreds of dollars by hosting wind turbines. [Electropages]

Wind turbines in Texas (Leaflet, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

  • “Is This Extreme Weather The ‘New Normal?’ There’s No Such Thing, Some Scientists Say” • This year, summer in the Northern Hemisphere is a tale of heat, floods, and fire. But scientists warn this may only be a preview of the chaos to come if we continue to pump out planet-heating pollution. Until we stop doing that, we have no idea of what is to come. [CNN]
  • “The Transformation Of Global Steel Making Has Huge Potential” • A major insight from Agora is that the once seen as “hard-to-abate” sector, the steel industry, now has the potential to turn into a “fast-to-abate” sector. A net-zero iron and steel industry is technically feasible by the early 2040s using a rapid rollout of new technologies. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Europe Stockpiling 40 GW (DC) Of Chinese Solar Panels” • Chinese-manufactured solar panels are piling up in European warehouses, with about 40 GW (DC) of capacity currently in storage, according to Rystad Energy. The number of panels, worth about £7 billion, is same amount installed across the continent in 2022. [reNews]
  • “Solar Power Could Help Stabilize The Texas Power Grid Amid Record Electricity Demand” • Wednesday set a record for Texas power demand. ERCOT data shows the demand was over 82,500 MW. The previous record was set on Monday. ERCOT records also show that solar and wind energy have helped manage that demand and keep the grid stable. [KENS 5]

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