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April 13 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Wind And Solar Now Generate 12% Of Global Electricity” • An Ember report found that wind and solar energy hit a record high 12% of global electricity generation in 2022. Meanwhile the EU countries are lagging behind with wind power expansion. Put together, all renewable energy sources and nuclear power made up 39% of global electricity last year. [DW]

Cabin with solar panels (John Pupkin,, CC0, cropped)

  • “‘Beginning Of The End’ For Fossil Fuels: Global Wind And Solar Reached Record Levels In 2022, Study Finds” • The use of coal, oil, and gas to produce electricity is expected to fall in 2023, a report by energy think tank Ember says. This would mark the first year to see a decline in the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity in a normal economy. [CNN]
  • “The Bean That Could Change The Taste Of Coffee” • Findings from his latest study suggest that if global temperatures rise 2°C, countries supplying a quarter of the world’s arabica will suffer major declines in yield. A rise of 2.5°C will have this impact on 75% of supply. The industry is now pinning hopes on a different coffee species. [BBC]
  • “EPA Proposes New Tailpipe Rules That Could Push EVs To Make Up Two-Thirds Of New Car Sales In Us By 2032” • The EPA proposed ambitious new car pollution rules that could require electric vehicles to account for up to two-thirds of new cars sold in the US by 2032, for what would be one of the country’s most aggressive climate-change policies yet. [CNN]
  • “Coal Supplying Less US Power Than Gas, Renewables, And Nuclear” • Coal use in the US power market is set to decline for a second year in succession as utilities increasingly shift to cheaper and cleaner natural gas and renewables. About 11 GW of coal plants, which is 5% of the fuel’s US capacity, closed in the past year, according to the DOE. [Mining Weekly]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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