Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Maybe a Real Climate Solution?

Join Us for a Climate Solution Conversation
Thursday, March 2 at 7 PM

Lots of false solutions to climate chaos are being touted here in Vermont by the same market-driven forces that brought us the mess in the first place. Reducing our own overly consumptive habits – no doubt, a serious challenge for most of us – is the one essential solution we all have to adopt, but there are some new technologies that might serve us well. The Climate Solutions Conversations presented by 350VT offer some ideas. The first online program in the series on Thu., Mar. 2 at 7 PM will be about Network Geothermal Energy.

Debbie New and Jim Dumont will cover the basics of the technology to get us all on the same page. Then they’ll dig into your questions and ideas, building on your own knowhow as people who understand what can work in your communities.

RSVP to join this program by sending an email here with your name and your email address.

Thermal Energy Networks – Thursday, March 2 at 7 PM



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