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VECAN Workshop on Thermal Energy Networks

We hope you join us today at noon for the next webinar in VECAN’s 2023 Winter Workshop Series – Keeping Vermonters Warm… and Cool: The Potential of Thermal Energy Networks.

Geothermal and other kinds of thermal energy networks are some of the cleanest, most efficient, safest, and healthiest ways to heat and cool buildings. They are a known, demonstrated solution that we can bring to our town centers and neighborhoods. Beginning with the basics and benefits of networked geothermal systems, this workshop opens up the possibilities for harnessing and exchanging thermal energy.


We’ll hear from two companies with innovative, proven technologies who will explain how they maximize heating and cooling. Celsius Energy uses angled drilling to install a geothermal system within just two parking spaces. SHARC Energy captures heating from the stream of warm water we send down the drain every day. The possibilities are exciting and prompt the question: what can work here in Vermont?

We hope to see you there!

Thanks for all you do,

Sarah Bayer

Community Energy Coordinator
Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC)

Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network (VECAN)

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