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February 1 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “The Decline And Fall Of Fossil Fuels” • The latest projections from FERC say natural gas capacity will not grow in the US in the near term. Fossil fuels were in decline overall, but now no part of the fossil fuels or nuclear industry is projected to grow. So about 100% of net generating capacity growth to 2026 is expected to made up of renewables. [Green Energy Times]

Wind farm in Iowa. (Voice of America, public domain)

  • “Royal Navy Orders Investigation Into Nuclear Submarine ‘Repaired With Glue’” • The Royal Navy has ordered an urgent investigation amid claims that workers on a Trident nuclear armed submarine fixed broken bolts in the vessel’s reactor chamber using glue. Reportedly, the bad repairs were found when a bolt fell off during an inspection. [The Guardian]
  • “Exxon Announces Record Profits For 2022” • ExxonMobil announced record profits for the year 2022, reporting it made $55.7 billion over the past year and drawing ire from the left. Other major energy companies also posted record earnings for the year. Democrats have been critical of corporate profits at a time when consumers faced high prices. [The Hill]
  • “Big Return To Coal In Europe Killed Off By Record Renewable Energy” • As Russia cut off gas supplies to Europe last year, countries put more coal power on standby to fill the gaps. But the bloc fended off a feared dramatic increase in burning coal, the most polluting fossil fuel, by installing large amounts of solar and wind generating capacity. [Sky News]
  • “Amazon Buys Record 8.3 GW Of Renewable Energy In 2022” • Tech giant Amazon announced it had secured more renewable energy in 2022 than any other company had bought in a year, as part of its drive to power its stores, data centres, and fulfilment centres entirely using clean energy by 2025. It bought 8.3 GW of wind and solar power in 2022. [Computing]

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