Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

January 16 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Europe’s Warm Winter Is Robbing Putin Of A Trump Card” • The threat of cutting Russian gas supplies was Putin’s trump card, if the war he started dragged into a long winter. But the winter has been milder than expected, and Western and Central Europe have coordinated gas consumption. taking one of Putin’s largest bargaining chips out of his hands. [CNN]

Mild winter weather (Dominik Dombrowski, Unsplash)

  • “Earth Is 1.1°C Warmer Than In The 19th Century” • Since the early 1900s, the Earth has warmed up by about 1.1°C as climate change becomes the biggest destabilising factor across the world. The latest assessment by scientists at the American space agency, NASA, reveals how the planet is losing its coolness as years become warmer and warmer. [India Today]
  • “Global Leaders And Climate Activists Gather In Snowless Davos Ahead Of World Economic Forum 2023” • At the Swiss resort of Davos, where World Economic Forum 2023 is meeting, snowpack remains meagre on the lower slopes due to a massive heatwave bringing high temperatures to Europe and forcing ski resorts to shut down operations. [Earth.Org]
  • “Ørsted Applies For Four Permits For Swedish Offshore Wind Farms” • Ørsted has applied for permits to build four additional large offshore wind farms in Sweden. Pending permit approvals and a plan for offshore grid build-out, Ørsted aims to deliver the first commercial-scale offshore wind project in Sweden, Skane Offshore Wind Farm, by 2029. [reNews]
  • “Wholesale US Electricity Prices Were Volatile in 2022” • The average wholesale electricity prices at major trading hubs in the US rose throughout much of 2022 and were, at times, volatile as a result of extreme weather events. The limited availability of coal to substitute for higher-priced natural gas also contributed to higher electricity prices. [CleanTechnica]

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