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Matt Desmarais of Energy Catalyst Technologies

G.E.T. Staff

Energy Catalyst Technologies

There is an accelerator for climate technology manufacturing called Scale for ClimateTech. It assists hardware-focused cleantech startup companies’ growth by helping to build teams, users, and relationships with suppliers. By doing these things, it works to transform business operations.

Scale for ClimateTech recently held a clean energy pitch competition in New York City, highlighting five innovative, new manufacturers of clean energy technologies. One of these was the Double Hybrid heat pump from Energy Catalyst Technologies (ECT), which took the grand prize of $20,000. This is to help them finalize their manufacturing process. “By this winter, we will have 11 homes that are heated by Double Hybrid heat pumps,” owner Matt Desmarais said. “We plan to launch our third generation Double Hybrid in the spring, which can replace a hot water boiler and reuse all the existing infrastructure.”

ECT specializes in a patent-pending geothermal heat pump that produces hot water and hot air at the same time. The water is sufficiently hot to be used in such existing systems as baseboards and radiators, and this saves a lot of money for customers. Green Energy Times published “Groundbreaking Technology Provides Lower Cost Option for Geothermal” on ECT in June 2022 (

ECT is based in Albany, New York. The website is

Resilient Buildings Group leaders, Dana Nute, President and Chase Pennoyer, Vice President of Operations. (Courtesy photo)

Resilient Buildings Group

In its November issue, Business NH Magazine recognized the top ten business to watch based on their fast revenue growth rates. Resilient Buildings Group was listed as number four of all the state’s businesses.

Resilient Buildings Group (RBG), based in Concord, New Hampshire, has a mission to protect its customers from the uncertainties of energy. As it works to improve existing building stock, RBG says, it can reduce energy use by 50% to 70%. When its expertise is put to use in new buildings, it can help achieve passive certification. RBG also has experience with LEED certification.

While it has a strong focus on reducing energy use through electrification, it also works on issues of air quality. This is especially important because efficient buildings are well air-sealed and need carefully designed ventilation.

RBG works with larger buildings, in the range from 10,000 to 250,000 square feet. Its work is mainly on retail and office buildings, and multi-unit residences. It has completed over 250 projects in ten states.

RBG’s website is

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