Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Letter From the Editor-Publisher


Here we are about to welcome 2023! The climate is still changing faster than we are getting our emissions down. Winter is here — as we continue to deal with the high costs for fuel — for heating and at the gas pumps. There ARE solutions. We again bring them to you in this last edition of 2022.

In this edition we continue to show how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) can help you with the costs involved as you make the jump to freeing yourself from the grip of the fossil fuel companies. I have never heard about anyone who has gone solar, PV particularly, and regrets doing so. Who can complain about not paying an electric bill or paying a much lower monthly bill? I know that I have not had an electric bill for 20 years. I have no complaints.

Solar continues to soar in the northeast and around the world. We are excited to share the floating solar project in our own region. The Cohoes, NY community just approved the project. Read the story on page 8. France is requiring all large parking lots to be covered with solar (p. 10). We hope we will soon follow their example in the U.S. northeast and throughout the country. Think of the jobs just waiting to happen!

Sustainable and affordable heating options are developing and available today. The incentives for geothermal are amazing, making it an affordable option. Check out the larger Heating Efficiency section on pp. 24-29.

Building does not stop in the winter as you will read in our Building Efficiency section (pp. 30-35). Keep those high-performance projects going — the costs far outweigh the value of a lower cost of living when you choose to build for efficiency. The Inflation Reduction Act, state incentives and rebates make better options super-affordable for energy-efficient appliances such as induction cookstoves. In the end, we can be rewarded with a healthful home and cleaner environment.

I want to take a moment to thank all of the volunteers who work hard to make sure you can find copies of Green Energy Times near you. We want to welcome two new distributors to our team: In the Connecticut River Valley, we are pleased to welcome Paul Dunne, whose home is solar-powered and who has been a G.E.T. reader for years. Todd Tucker has joined us to help with the outreach for the Greater Burlington region. Todd’s home is solar-powered and he drives an electric car. Welcome Todd! Our team efforts are more sustainable than ever.

We also wish to thank our very qualified and excellent writers, some of whom volunteer their help. I want to thank them all for their enthusiastic efforts to help our message prevail.

Our G.E.T. team, along with our supportive advertisers are what, together, make G.E.T. happen. Thank you all for your support and help. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a hopeful, healthful New Year.

Nancy Rae Mallery, Editor/Publisher, Green Energy Times

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