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Kudos to the Green Energy Times Team Helping G.E.T. Save the Planet

G.E.T. Team Sustainability: George Harvey

George Harvey recording Energy Week with George Harvey and Tom Finnell at the BCTV studio in Brattleboro, Vermont.

George Harvey has been writing for Green Energy Times for over ten years. He has put G.E.T.’s news blog posts up daily since 2013.

His interest in energy dates back to his childhood in Illinois, when he learned that coal-burning steam engines would no longer be allowed to enter the city of Chicago. That was about 1953. He loved the look and sound of steam engines, which he could hear in the distance while he was lying in bed going to sleep. But he became aware of the simple fact that just because you enjoy something does not mean it is good for everyone.

During the 1980s and 1990s, he operated a household heated with wood he cut with an electric chain saw, grew vegetables for his family in his garden, and reduced his electric load as much as possible. He replaced incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent lights as soon as it became reasonable to do so. In 2001, he bought a Prius, which had just been introduced to the American market.

When he moved to Brattleboro, VT in 2004, his apartment was heated with propane. He turned the thermostat down so low that the propane company responded by putting him into its highest price category. He did the necessary calculations and found that it would be cheaper to use a cheap electric resistance heater than to burn propane, even when the electric was running on cow power.

He has given up his car and walks nearly everywhere he goes. This means he goes food shopping several times each week, because anything he buys must be carried home in a backpack.

He likes to grow plants. He has planted apple, crab apple, cherry, and peach trees where he lives, even though they are not his property. He grows six different varieties of citrus trees and has bought three different kinds of figs. The warm weather trees are potted, and brought in during the winter. They do bear fruit nicely.

George Harvey has operated a blog aggregating news on energy and climate change, posting every day since 2012. The blog,, has links to news articles of the day, and now has links to well over 50,000 of them. Each week, he and a friend co-host a TV show, “Energy Week with George Harvey and Tom Finnell.” It has been produced 500 times at BCTV in Brattleboro and is rebroadcast by 40 stations.

George Harvey is motivated by a hope that our children’s children can live happy lives on a planet that has not been destroyed.

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