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December 11 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “How Pepsi’s Tesla Semis Will Change Hauling” • The Tesla Semi represents major changes to come in the hauling industry. It could help prove to consumers and commercial customers that batteries can support heavy-cargo vehicles over long distances. And that is an important shift to help reduce global supply chain emissions. [CleanTechnica]

Interior of a Tesla Semi (Photo courtesy of Tesla)

  • “NSW Declares First Renewable Energy Zone With Offshore Wind In Plan To Replace Coal” • New South Wales has declared its fourth renewable energy zone as it races to install new wind, solar, and storage infrastructure to replace the country’s biggest fleet of coal generators. It is the first zone that includes access to offshore windpower. [Renew Economy]
  • “India Achieved 166 GW Of Renewable Energy Capacity In October” • India’s goal is to have 175 GW of installed Renewable Energy capacity in 2022. As of October, a total of 165.94 GW had been installed in the country, according to a written statement by Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh. India’s goal for 2030 is 500 GW. [PSU Connect]
  • “Great Barrier Reef ‘Coral Nurseries’ Show Early Signs Of Success” • A UN report recommended that the reef be added to the World Heritage “in danger” list. Now, pieces of broken coral are being rescued and rehabilitated so they can be transplanted back onto the Great Barrier Reef. But marine scientists say it’s no substitute for action on climate change. [ABC]
  • “Do Electric Vehicles Actually Cut Utility Costs?” • A common misperception is that widespread EV charging will strain the grid and require expensive upgrades that raise electricity prices. But a Synapse Energy Economics analysis of the three utility service territories that have the most EVs in the US found that exactly the opposite is true. [CleanTechnica]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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