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Brittany confirms the strategic position of Brest’s and Lorient’s ports on the offshore wind energy market

Offshore Energy 2022 – 29th & 30th November

Brittany confirms the strategic position of Brest’s and Lorient’s ports on the offshore wind energy market

On 29th and 30th November, Bretagne Ocean Power, accompanied by 5 Breton companies, will be present at the Offshore Energy Exhibition in Amsterdam, a major international meeting place for the offshore industry with 9000 participants from 82 different countries. On this occasion, Brittany hopes to highlight Brest’s and Lorient’s ports and their strategic position close to the 7 French offshore wind farms totaling 6 GW, and the next floating wind farms. The two ports of Brest and Lorient, key players in the industrial logistics of offshore wind projects in Europe, are both located in a protected bay with easy and unlimited access to the open sea, with no air draft restrictions.

Offshore Wind Terminal in the Port of Brest © FLY HD


The Port of Brest is France’s leading ship repair port and includes a freight port and a logistic platform for European sea links. The Offshore Wind Terminal in the port of Brest is a new infrastructure dedicated to large Offshore Wind projects: it includes 40 hectares of industrial land linked to the sea and the transport network and 400m of heavy load quay especially dedicated to floating wind turbine logistics.

Located closely to the future floating wind farms, the port of Lorient also has a solid logistic hub for the installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms. 2.5 hectares are available for the installation phase, with 800 LM of quay and13m CD draft. The complex is equipped with a RORO handling and suitable lifting equipment including a 30T crane at 30m.

The Breton supply chain meets the international market

178 specialised companies are currently listed in the field of marine renewable energy, most of which have excellent international references. 5 of them will be present at the exhibition to promote their expertise:

  • Quiet Oceans : European leader in underwater noise analysis, Quiet-Oceans estimates the associated risks and proposes solutions to mitigate the impact of noise on biodiversity in order to make offshore projects compatible with the protection of marine life. The company has been involved in the installation of foundations for the St Nazaire wind farm, the St Brieuc wind farm (France), and also during pile driving for the Taiwan, Rimini (Italy), Dansk Kriegers Flak (Denmark) and Hollandse Kust Zuid (Netherlands) offshore wind farms.
  • Ship as a service : one-stop-shop of Maritime services, consultancy and technical assistance, project management. The company carried out the anchor line inspection campaign for the Floatgen project in Saint-Nazaire, and the marine services and technical assistance for the wind farm in Saint-Brieuc (France).
  • Piriou : specialising in the construction of standard and customised vessels, the shipyard has supplied CTVs for offshore wind farms for British, Dutch and German shipowners operating in the North Sea and Taiwan. It is also developing Crew Transfer Vessels with hybrid electric and hydrogen propulsion.
  • Gisman : specialised in maritime buoyage. The company designs and supplies plastic buoys and navigation lights, and offers personalised support during the design, installation and operational maintenance phases of the equipment. Its know-how has been used on the St Brieuc and St Nazaire wind farms.
  • Navantia : European leader in the manufacture of electrical substations and offshore wind turbine foundations, pioneer in the construction of floating structures. It is one of the few players to have its own production sites with infrastructures specially adapted to offshore projects (quays, dry docks, lifting equipment, etc.) on several sites. In particular, the company supplied the metal foundations (jacket) for the St Brieuc wind farm.

Breton companies will make the most of these two days to increase their visibility towards key decision-makers and establish international partnerships.

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