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October 3 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “This 100% Solar Community Endured Hurricane Ian With No Loss Of Power And Minimal Damage” • Babcock Ranch says it’s “America’s first solar-powered town.” Its solar array makes more electricity than the 2,000-home town uses. When Hurricane Ian came barreling through southwest Florida this week, the lights in Babcock Ranch stayed on. [CNN]

Babcock Ranch solar array (From

  • “Hurricane Ian Amplifies Urgent Need For Resilient, Renewable And Just Energy Grid” • Climate change is fueling more intense storms, with power outages that can be lethal. But distributed renewable energy – generated at or near the place where it will be used – can keep the power flowing to homes, hospitals, and businesses when disasters hit. [The Hill]
  • “Tesla Powerwalls Survive Hours Underwater In Hurricane Ian” • Kelly Roofing, a licensed Tesla Solar Roof installer in Southwest Florida where Ian made landfall, says a solar roof it installed has no damage, apart from a small amount it got when a 30-foot boat landed on it. And two Powerwalls that were under water for hours are doing fine. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Death Toll Soars To 76 In Florida After Entire Communities Are Demolished By Hurricane Ian” • Newly homeless Floridians are struggling to restart their lives while rescuers scramble to find any remaining signs of life in the wreckage left by Hurricane Ian. In some cases, there are emergency workers who juggle both unimaginable tasks. [CNN]
  • “Ford F-150 Lightning Powers Florida Man’s Cooking, Lights, Fridge, Entertainment During Hurricane Ian” • A Ford F-150 Lightning helped one Florida man and his family ride out the storm. They used their electric Ford pickup truck to power their refrigerator, lights, fans, TV, electric stove burner, record player, speakers, and probably more. [CleanTechnica]

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