Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 18 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Say “Climate Pollution” Instead Of “Greenhouse Gases” – The Difference In Impact Is Huge” • Climate activists are altering the language they employ to describe our quickly warming world, and the term “climate pollution” has started to shift the way that the public ascribes responsibility for the existential crisis that surrounds us. [CleanTechnica]

Supercell over Oklahoma (Raychel Sanner, Unsplash, cropped)

  • “Mercedes CEO Says Europe’s Gas Crisis Will Accelerate Its Shift To Renewables” • Europe’s gas crisis will be “a catalyst” for Mercedes-Benz to push deeper into clean energy, says its CEO. Mercedes is taking steps to cut down its use of natural gas at the company’s factories in Germany by roughly half, while keeping production levels up. [CNN]
  • “EU Produces Record Wind And Solar Energy As It Shirks Russian Gas” • Wind and solar power made up a record 24% of the European Union’s electricity since Russia invaded Ukraine, a report says. It’s a boost that also helped the bloc battle soaring inflation. Nineteen of the EU’s 27 member states had record wind and solar generation since March. [CNN]
  • “Renewable Investments Could Outstrip Upstream Oil And Gas In 2022” • High spot electricity prices, particularly in Europe, are changing narrative for the utility wind and solar investment. Potential payback periods of under one year could start a race to develop renewable assets purely based on project economics, Rystad Energy research shows. [Oil Price]
  • “California’s Tomato Farmers Are Getting Squeezed By Water Crisis As Growing Costs Continue To Rise” • This year, fewer tomatoes were grown as rising interest rates, inflation, and the crushing drought squeezed farmers who saw their margins sliced and diced. While the cost of growing tomatoes continues to rise, it ultimately hits consumers. [CNN]

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