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Municipal Officials + Public Health Leaders Push For Robust Climate Plan, Building Electrification – More than 20 Local Governments Have Passed Resolutions in Favor of Electrification, Strong Climate Action Plan – Doctors Release Statement On Health Harms of Burning Gas in Homes – On October 13th, National Children’s Environmental Health Day, local elected leaders from across New York State gathered with health leaders and building electrification industry leaders at the State Capitol to urge the Climate Action Council to release a strong Climate Action Plan. The group specifically pushed for full building electrification in new construction as a key step in the state’s path toward rapid and equitable emissions reductions. More than 20 municipalities across the state announced they have passed resolutions in support of the Climate Action Plan which includes a just and equitable transition to electrifying homes, buildings and transportation. The press conference also highlit a public statement signed by doctors, nurses and other public health professionals across New York State explaining the dangers of gas-burning appliances in homes, and the benefits of transitioning to efficient electric heating and cooking. 2 Minute video coverage of the press conference by News 10 here.

Among statements were these:

  • NY-GEO Executive Director Christine Hoffer said: “New York needs to move full speed ahead to eliminate greenhouse gases from our state’s building sector – its largest source of emissions. We should not be investing in gas infrastructure to accommodate limited and very expensive resources like hydrogen and renewable natural gas to heat buildings. It’s taking ratepayers down a rabbit hole and making it harder to reach our climate goals. The hurricane destruction recently visited on Florida and Puerto Rico should be ample warning that we’ve got no time to waste and need to go with proven, market-ready solutions.”
  • NY-GEO Member Matthew Desmarais, Founder of Catalyst Technologies – “We are proudly a New York based geothermal heat pump manufacturer and our company is early proof that the CLCPA and other New York climate legislation are creating new jobs and industries in-state,” The technology we’ve built to retrofit homes in the Capital Region can be exported around the country. New York’s forward thinking climate policy will make it the center of clean energy technologies throughout the county.”

    Dr. Kathy Nolan, President, Physicians for Social Responsibility NY and Matt Desmarais, Founder Energy Catalyst Technologies

Americans Run “Mini Fossil Fuel Plants” in Their Homes – Rebecca Lebe – RMI – “Millions of Americans are still reliant on gas combustion for their furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, fireplaces, stoves, and ovens, not realizing the pollution they create both indoors and outdoors because of it. ‘Many of us are basically running mini fossil fuel plants,’ said Leah Stokes, a political scientist at the University of California Santa Barbara and senior adviser to the climate advocacy group Evergreen Action. There are over 200 million of these ‘mini fossil fuel plants’ throughout the country — all heaters, clothes dryers, and stoves that run on oil and gas, according to research from Rewiring America…Gas appliances have fallen through the cracks of federal regulation in part because the EPA sees the Clean Air Act as charging it with overseeing outdoor air…Outdoors, the EPA considers these pollutants hazardous to breathe; scientific evidence shows they’re just as, if not more, dangerous indoors.” Full article here.

Electric Utilities 101: A Breakdown of the Basics on US Power Providers – Alison Takemura – Canary Media – “Utilities and their regulators can be confusing and opaque. Here’s a handy introduction for people who want more clean energy in their community. “ Full article here.

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