Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

September 8 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “NRDC To Congress: Don’t Pass Pollution Measure That Enables Auto Emissions Tampering” • A proposed air pollution exemption now before Congress would harm US air quality and Americans’ health and welfare, according to testimony given to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in a hearing on September 7. [CleanTechnica]

Capitol (Image by Francine Sreca, Pixabay)

  • “’We Are Going To Drown’: Villagers Trapped As Pakistan’s Largest Lake Overflows” • In Pakistan, Lake Manchar, which has swelled to an area of hundreds of square kilometers due to the combined effects of a heavy monsoon and melting glaciers, breached its banks, leaving nearby villages under several feet of water, and many residents are trapped. [CNN]
  • “Europe’s Warm Summer Shatters Records” • This summer was the hottest on record in Europe, EU satellite monitoring data shows. Heatwaves and drought saw June, July, and August shatter previous high marks for temperature. The Copernicus Climate Change Service said the data showed August in Europe was the warmest on record by “a substantial margin.” [BBC]
  • “Snow Lake To Supply Enough Lithium For 5 Million Electric Car Batteries Over 10 Years” • In a press release, Snow Lake Lithium announced it expects to produce enough lithium from its operations in Manitoba, Canada, to manufacture around 5 million electric car batteries for the North American market over 10 years beginning in 2025. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Brutal Heat Wave Shatters All-Time Records, Threatens Power Outages Across California. And A Hurricane Could Prolong It” • A record-breaking heat wave has baked the West for days, setting record high temperatures, fueling destructive wildfires, and threatening rolling power shutoffs. It could last even longer due to the effects of a strengthening hurricane. [CNN]

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