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Tues, August 9th: How To Save Energy in Your Home

To help preserve our planet, Sustainable Lebanon has launched a Second Tues at Seven Speaker Series (via Zoom).

Speaking this Tuesday, August 9th at 7 pm will be Rob Anderegg, author of “Turning Intentions into Actions:  A Homeowner’s Guide to Long-Range Energy Planning.”

By budgeting for energy use, homeowners can begin to make long-range plans for reducing their fossil fuel.  A data-drive approach helps to prioritize which actions to take first.  No matter where your household stands on the spectrum of fossil fuel independence, this approach can help you to identify and take actions to reduce your carbon footprint.

Time for questions will be available at the end of the session.

To receive the Zoom link in advance of the session, email

Jennifer Grant
Sustainable Lebanon

603-252-1618 [Link]

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