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Time to Think About Solar

G.E.T. staff

With inflation, rising interest rates, and a world that feels out of control, it is no surprise that many people are feeling insecure about their futures.

Some people wonder about what effect rooftop solar systems have on the value of their property. It has been three years since an article by Bobby Tetsch, CEO and Founder, Chino, CA-based Modern Pro Solutions, appeared in Grit Daily. Tetsch said in that article, ““It is time to think Solar. At times like this, homeowners have to use every tool in the toolbox, and solar installation is a vital one to contain and reduce monthly costs. Buying a home that has a solar system, or having one installed upon purchase is a savvy financial move that also benefits the environment.” (

Many things have changed since that article appeared. We have been hit by a Covid-19 pandemic, the Washington administration has changed, there is a war in Ukraine, and now, because of that war, fuel prices have increased wildly, and the Federal Reserve seems inclined to increase interest rates. But the value of Tetsch’s advice is not diminished by the passage of time.

Tetsch referred to a 2019 Zillow study, which indicated that homes with solar panels sold for 4.1% more than those without. ( Given the changes we have seen, it seems solar is probably worth even more.

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