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All across the state, New Yorkers are de-carbonizing their heating and cooling systems by switching to electric powered heat pumps. NY-GEO is here

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Con Ed Clean Heat Funding Restored by PSC – NYS Public Service Commission Press Release – “The New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) today approved Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.’s (Con Edison) request to transfer previously collected and unspent funds as well as future authorized electric energy efficiency budgets to support the continuation of its popular Clean Heat program. In addition, the Commission made other modifications to the program, including reallocating an additional $100 million into the program and approving a continuity funding mechanism. Combined, today’s decision will result in $518 million in funding being made available for the company to continue processing applications and will allow for up to $10 million per month of additional funding to continue operating the program.” Con Edison had requested $32 Million per month. Six of the seven Commissioners voted in favor of the Commission Order. Commissioner Diane Berman voted “concur”. The order noted “In general, all commenters support the continuation of Con Edison’s Clean Heat Program and recommend that the Commission act expeditiously to resume the program.” It cited comments from NY-GEO and listed 2 pages of commenting organizations.

Utilities File Data on the Cost of the 100 Foot Gas Infrastructure Subsidy – In April of 2020, as the Public Service Commission began its Gas Planning Proceeding, NY-GEO filed item #3 in the proceeding – a request the Commission require utilities to provide accurate and “apples to apples” data on the cost of “the 100 foot rule”. Under this rule, customers requesting gas service are provided infrastructure connecting their building to the gas system at no cost to them, paid for by the rate payers of the utility. NY-GEO’s 53-page request documented what was then available from public records regarding this subsidy, which had been designed to expand gas use back when state policy viewed gas as environmentally beneficial.  On August 10th, New York’s Joint Utilities filed its report on Costs of Extending Service to New Customers. Several organizations and analysts have begun crunching the data. Future editions of Just In! will detail the results. Below is the residential portion of Con Edison’s table from the report.

America’s Heat-Pump Market Has a Sugar-Crash Problem – Incentive programs for heat pumps offer big consumer rebates that cause demand to spike, then run out of money and cause demand to plummet. Here’s a fix – Nate Kinsey – Canary Media – “One Monday morning this past May, heat-pump contractors, customers and supporters in and around New York City awoke to discover that one of their major rebate programs was about to disappear. For the previous eight months, customers had been upgrading to heat pumps in droves, enticed by utility Con Edison’s generous Clean Heat rebate program, offered to anyone who installed a heat pump and hit the off-switch on their existing fossil fuel–based heating system. Demand for the program was so high that Con Edison blew through its entire six-year program budget in two years, which forced the program to grind to a halt. Whoops.”  .Full article here

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