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August 18 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “China is beating the US in clean energy. Can America catch up?” • Despite its continued connection with coal, China has emerged in the last decade as a global clean energy champion. It is outperforming the US by a wide margin in almost every area of clean technology, from overall investment and manufacture to marketing across the world. [Grid News]

Wind turbines (Jason Blackeye, Unsplash)


  • “ReNew Power Claims India’s ‘Biggest Ever’ Finance Deal Made For Battery-Backed Renewable Energy Project” • ReNew Power said it secured $1 billion financing for the biggest single-project clean energy deal in India. It will include 900 MW of wind and 400 MW of solar power, along with storage capacity to provide dispatchable energy 24/7. [Energy Storage News]
  • “As Colorado River Crisis Grows, Some Officials Say It’s Time For Feds To Make A Move On Water Cuts” • The Colorado River system is spiraling toward its demise, stakeholder states failed to meet an August 15 deadline to devise a plan to reduce water useage themselves. Now the US government says it is stepping in to produce mandatory cuts. [CNN]
  • “US Natural Gas Prices Spike To 14-Year High” • US natural gas prices have increased to levels unseen since 2008, even as prices for gasoline and oil are falling. The summer spike is being driven partly by high demand as scorching temperatures through much of the country force Americans to crank up the air conditioning. It is made worse by low inventory levels. [CNN]
  • “American Farmers Are Killing Their Own Crops And Selling Cows Because Of Extreme Drought” • Of the farmers in the US, 37% of said they are plowing through and killing existing crops that won’t reach maturity because of dry conditions. In Texas, drought is forcing farmers to sell off their cattle, reducing the state’s herds by 50%. [CNN]
  • “US DOE Finds Record Production And Job Growth In Wind Power Sector” • The DOE released three reports showing that wind power remains one of America’s fastest growing energy sources and a generator of high-quality jobs. Wind power accounted for 32% of US energy capacity growth in 2021, and it employs 120,000 Americans. [CleanTechnica]

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