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Sign on to Support Weatherization Readiness! – Deadline Today!


Despite funding for weatherization work across the country, 10 to 30 percent of low-income homeowners nationwide are passed over for weatherization assistance because their homes have other issues, like mold, asbestos, outdated wiring, and structural deficiencies that must be addressed before they can become eligible for weatherization services.

In order to help close the gap, BPA and our partners at E4TheFuture are collecting signatures in support of a new bill–the Weatherization Enhancement and Readiness Act. This bill would address the backlog of WAP-ineligible homes by creating a Weatherization Readiness Program, which would provide grants to address structural, electrical, and health issues in low-income homes to allow them to qualify for WAP.

Please sign on in support and help us spread the word. You can sign on, learn more about the legislation, and read the grassroots letter here.

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