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All across the state, New Yorkers are de-carbonizing their heating and cooling systems by switching to electric powered heat pumps. NY-GEO is here

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Electrification Resource Hub – Getting to Zero – “With a growing number of climate emergencies around the world, it is imperative to reduce our utilization of fossil fuels by decarbonizing the building stock. Electrification is a critical step and pathway to mitigating the impacts of climate change and making buildings healthier, and more affordable places to live and work. These resources provide insights into the benefits of electrifying buildings and the grid, including future proofing, resiliency, cost savings, improved health, comfort and productivity, and safety. Thanks to Ralph DiNola of NBI (New Buildings Institute) for this tip. Website here.

What Electrification Means for Drillers, Promoting Geothermal Drilling – In episode 20, anchor Brock Yordy delves deep into New York’s Utility Thermal Energy Network and Jobs Act. “Yordy talks to geothermal industry experts Garen Ewbank of Ewbank Geo Testing and Jay Egg of Egg Geo…Ewbank, an IGSHPA-accredited installer and trainer, talks about what he and others see as a sunny horizon for geothermal. ‘We have a new thing starting, and it just happened in New York last week. Gov. [Kathy] Hochul signed into law the ability for utilities to own ambient temperature loop or thermal districts.  That is a monumental change for our industry.’”  40 minute newscast here.


Report on PUSH Green’s Program in Buffalo – The report goes over the relationship between health, climate, and housing. It explains the PUSH Green program and how it connects residents with energy-efficiency and home repair programs.  It reviews insights from interviews and available data and provides an evaluation of the PUSH Green program. It also provides actionable recommendations for PUSH Green, for government policymakers, and for community-based organizations. Find a copy of the Report – Climate Solutions are Health Solutions here.

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