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Push Buffalo Breaks Ground on $21 Million Affordable Housing Development In Buffalo – “The West Side Homes Project will Add 49 New Affordable and Energy Efficient Apartments at 14 Scattered Locations Across Buffalo’s West Side; Will Include 16 Apartments Reserved for Supportive Housing.” As part of the development, supported with funding from New York State, “A three-story building at 625 West Avenue will include 15 apartments…The building is designed to be all-electric and will include features such as a ground source heat pump, energy recovery ventilation, and a rooftop solar array. Press release here.

National Grid Proposes Extending 100 Foot Subsidy to Heat Pumps – The utility estimates the cost of infrastructure it provides at no cost to new gas customers at $13,859 for its NY City customers and $6,288 for Long Islanders. Grid proposes to provide the same amounts as incentives for new customers who choose ground source or air source heat pumps “sized to meet the entire need of the property – the system cannot be supplemented by additional fuel sources such as gas, oil, or propane outside of emergency situations.” Text of the proposal here.

Low-Carbon Fuels Have a Limited Role to Play in New York’s Buildings – By Olivia Prieto, Mike Henchen – New Blog Report from RMI – “a typical New York home… might require about 50 MMBtu (equivalent to 15 MWh) of heating energy annually. Meeting this demand with green hydrogen would require over 25 MWh of clean electricity, due to the efficiency losses during the production of green hydrogen and the relative inefficiency of end-use appliances. Using a high-performing electric heat pump (presumably RMI is projecting use of an air source heat pump) could require as little as 5–6 MWh of clean electricity. That is, heating with green hydrogen would require about 4.4 times as much clean electricity as heating directly with a heat pump.” See the full blog here.

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