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June 28 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Portland Renewable Energy Firm To Install Power System At Other End Of The World” • Ocean Renewable Power Co, based in Portland, Maine, is a developer of renewable power systems that generate electricity from river and tidal currents. It plans to install a new power system more than 6,400 miles from Maine next year, in Chile. [Mainebiz]

Patagonia (ORPC image)

  • “Fertilizer Shortage Hits African Farmers Battling Food Crisis” • Fertilizer, the key ingredient needed to help crops grow, is in short supply globally. Global prices have sky-rocketed in part because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The crisis has left many African countries, which are very dependent on foreign imports, scrambling to find solutions. [BBC]
  • “Sleek Electric Ferry Flies Over Water, Picks Off Diesel Ferries” • If all goes according to plan, commuters in Stockholm will be able to climb aboard the world’s fastest electric ship, the Candela P-12 Shuttle, when it goes into service from the suburb of Ekerö to the city center next year. Candela is already well known for its sporty-looking electric boats. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Mercedes EQXX Sets New Record – 747 Miles On One Charge” • A Mercedes EQXX made a trip from Stuttgart to Silverstone, England. When the journey end, the EQXX had driven 747 miles without recharging, setting a record for an EV. According to the Robb Report, the trip took place under real world driving conditions. [CleanTechnica]
  • “BYD Hits 2 Million Plugin Vehicle Sales!” • BYD’s plugin vehicle sales keep growing and growing. Now, BYD has passed 2 million cumulative sales of plugin vehicles. That’s a milestone that may be hard to comprehend, but two million vehicles is a lot of vehicles. XPeng and NIO just celebrated reaching 200,000 cumulative EV sales! [CleanTechnica]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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