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Charging Across America Challenge: Event Wrap-up

Steven Day and Charging Across America founder, Rob Swartz, discuss their cross-country e-motorcycle record attempt at Swartz’s Energica of New England electric motorcycle dealership in Gardner, Massachusetts. (Sandra Crossman)

The first-ever “Charging Across America Challenge” event took place in April. The event was covered in the February 2022 issue of G.E.T. ( Rob Swartz, owner of Energica of New England and Rob’s Dyno Service in Gardner, MA and co-rider, Steven Day, attempted to break the Cannonball cross-country electric motorcycle record of 178 hours and 17 minutes piloting Energica electric motorcycles. Both riders simultaneously rode coast-to-coast in opposite directions following the 2,906-mile route of the original Cannonball Run, creating a unique “race within a race.” The event started April 18 with finish-line completion on Earth Day, April 22. Steven Day started in Redondo Beach California and ended in New York City’s Red Ball Garage completing the course in a record-breaking 111 hours and 30 minutes.

Congratulations to event founder Robert Swartz who journeyed over 1,000 miles (from New York City to Morris, Illinois), much of it through treacherous snow and freezing rain. While unavoidable circumstances forced him to depart the event early, Swartz eagerly looks forward to making a comeback at Charging Across America Challenge 2023!

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