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NHSaves® utility partners Eversource, Liberty, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative and Unitil are proud to have received the 2022 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year—Sustained Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy for the ninth year in a row. This award is reserved for ENERGY STAR partners demonstrating outstanding leadership, year over year.
Throughout 2021, the NHSaves ENERGY STAR Homes program certified over 850 homes, promoted certified homes to over 4,000 home show visitors, held health and safety protocols, trainings, and worked one-on-one with numerous building trades’ allies. The NHSaves utility partners were able to offer incentives for every homebuilder to build more energy efficient homes, from Drive to ENERGY STAR for new home builders, version 3.1 for electric and fossil fuel heated homes, and the Drive to Net Zero Home Competition for homeowners and homebuilders interested in going even further. These efforts have successfully increased the market share of new ENERGY STAR certified homes in New Hampshire and improved the new home housing market.
“We are extremely proud of this program and the ability to help builders overcome barriers to building an efficient ENERGY STAR home. We are confident that our program is working, growing, and moving the efficient housing market forward in New Hampshire. “ – Mike Loughlin, Energy Efficiency Program Manager, Eversource
The Sustained Excellence award is the highest honor bestowed by the ENERGY STAR program. The work done on the ENERGY STAR Homes program by the NHSaves utility partners, stood out among many highly competitive submissions this year, due to their demonstration of exemplary commitment and dedication to leadership in energy efficiency. The NHSaves utility partners are proud to be recognized for having made a long-term commitment to fighting climate change and protecting public health through energy efficiency. They are among the nation’s leaders in driving value for the environment, the economy, and New Hampshire.
“We know it’s going to take all of us working together to tackle the climate crisis, and the 2022 ENERGY STAR award-winning partners are demonstrating what it takes to build a more sustainable future,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “These companies are showing once again that taking action in support of a clean energy economy can be good not only for the environment, but also for business and customers.”
Winners are selected from a network of thousands of ENERGY STAR partners. For a complete list of 2022 winners and more information, visit

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