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VT Clean Energy Grant Opportunities

Two VT clean energy RFPs released on April 4th by the Public Service Department/CEDF and an update on a USDA grant opportunity:

1.       The PSD/CEDF requests proposals to create and operate a residential comprehensive whole-home clean energy assistance program to benefit low-income residents of Vermont. Maximum contract is $1M.

a.       The RFP is available at:


2.       The PSD/CEDF requests preliminary grant applications from Vermont public schools in low-income areas for repairs of existing HVAC systems and the installation of new clean heating systems. $2.5 million in ARPA funds are available.

a.       The RFP can be found at:


3.       The USDA has an open grant solicitation for The Rural Energy Pilot Program (REPP) grant offers financial assistance for rural communities to further develop renewable energy. Funding from the REPP grant can be used to support community energy planning, capacity building, technical assistance, efficiency, and more. The grant term is for three years, and successful applicants may receive up to 80% of total eligible project costs, not to exceed $2 million.

a.       More information on this grant opportunity is at:

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