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Geothermal Tax Credit Included in NYS Budget – The New York State budget has been negotiated and it includes a 25% – up to $5,000 – tax credit for residential geothermal heat pump installations. See the text in section ff of Senate Bill S8809C. Thanks to lead sponsors Senator Tim Kennedy and Assembly Member Jon Rivera and to all those who made phone calls, sent emails and worked at many levels to win this victory for New Yorkers seeking to free themselves from fossil fuels and crippling energy bills!

Status of the NY State Budget Bill that includes the residential geothermal tax credit, as of Saturday 2022 04 09 at 12:56 PM. This language was submitted by to the Legislature by Governor Hochul after being negotiated and agreed to by the Governor and the Legislature, and is expected to be signed


RDC Ad on Profiteering and Energy Independence – 30 second video. The NRDC Action Fund, in partnership with Climate Power, launched a powerful new TV ad that’s running across the country. It calls on Congress to break America’s fossil fuel addiction by advancing urgently needed clean energy investments.


Burlington VT Utility offers GSHP Rebate Program – The Burlington Electric Department (BED) is Vermont’s largest municipally owned electric utility serving more than 19,600 customers. They have an impressive rebate program for both cold climate ASHPs and GSHPs. A particularly strong statement in the GSHP section is, “All ground-source heat pumps are “cold climate” heat pumps, as their efficiencies are not impacted by the temperature of the outside air.” BED rebates are available to customers working with BED-approved designers or installers; Small Systems (10 or less tons) $1,500 per ton up to $15,000. Large Systems (more than 10 tons) $1,200 per ton up to $250,000 and uniquely, Community Systems (systems serving multiple residential and/or commercial buildings) are eligible for rebates of up to $1,000 per ton up to $500,000.

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