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New Power Generation Quarterly: Annual Update — 2021 – Institute for Local Self Reliance “-…big conclusions from our 2021 analysis:
Nearly half of the 37.6 gigawatts of electric generation capacity added to the grid in 2021 were from solar.
The number one energy generation resource built in 2021 was wind.
Added gas and small solar capacity were almost equal in 2021; 5.7 gigawatts worth of gas plants were built last year, while developers installed 5.4 gigawatts worth of residential and customer solar.
You can find charts and more detail about the fourth quarter of 2021 in the post.”

Weekly Nugget from NY’s Climate Action Draft Scoping Plan: NY-GEO has been running pertinent quotes from the Climate Action Council’s Scoping Plan weekly in Just In ! This week’s the focus isn’t a quote, but a less than 3 minute video from lohud that provides some context and overview on the Plan. The video features Todd Kaminsky, Chair of the NY Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, and Climate Action Council member Raya Salter.
Your Feedback is Welcome on NY’s Climate Action Council Scoping Plan – from Jen Metzger, former NY State Senator and New Yorkers for Clean Power Senior Policy Advisor – The public comment period opened on January 1, and has been extended through June 10, 2022. You can submit written comments though the portal on the Climate Action Council website, or email them to Share your comments with your State legislators, as a number of Scoping Plan recommendations will require legislation. It is also important to attend and speak at one of the scheduled public hearings, and you can pre-register and find the addresses of the hearings here: So far, the following hearings have been scheduled:
Refrigerants: The Next Step – Heat Pumping Technologies magazine has devoted its first issue of 2022 to examining efforts to develop refrigerants with low global warming potential.

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