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Electric Vehicle Event in Norwich, Vt — Saturday April 23

Ready to kick the gas habit? Considering buying an EV or eBike, but not sure if it will serve your needs?

If you are likely to replace a car in the next year or two, now is the time to research electric vehicles, whether cars or bikes.

In Vermont, emissions from transportation are almost 1/2 of total emissions. Our choices on how we get around have a big impact. Plan now for your next vehicle, whether it’s a car or a bike.

*It’s clear that there’s good reason to make your next car an EV. Lifecycle emissions for EVs are 60-68% lower than gasoline, even with our current electricity mix. Read this this study from arsTECHNICA. To sort out which model — or whether switching to an eBike — meets your needs, here’s help.*

Come to the Norwich, Vermont Green on Saturday, 4/23, 10 am – 1 pm for a Drive Electric Earth Day event organized by the Thetford, Norwich, Hartford, and Sharon town energy committees!

You can meet neighbors who use a variety of EVs and eBikes. Check out their cars / bikes and get your questions answered! We’ll have 10+ models of EVs and eBikes to explore. Peek under the hood, check out the dashboard and controls, ask owners questions. EV charging demonstrations will be happening throughout the event at Dan & Whit’s. eBike demo rides will be available as well.

For a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card (provided by Plug In America), register to attend at

(If you would like to show-and-tell about your EV, email with the make, model, and year.)

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