Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 2 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “New Yorkers And Wildlife Are Finding Solace In The City’s Parks” • New York City’s wildlife is thriving, and that’s thanks to devoted scientists and activists who have spent decades on work bolstering robust wildlife habitats in the city’s five boroughs. New York is densely populated, but much of it’s 30,000 acres of parkland is teeming with wildlife. [CNN]

Screech owl (Joshua J. Cotten, Unsplash)

  • “Russian Soldier Was Killed By ‘Radiation From Damaged Chernobyl Nuclear Plant'” • A Russian soldier died of radiation from the damaged Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine after his unit camped in a toxic forest, reports say. His unit dug trenches into radioactive mud and their trucks kicked up radioactive dust as they drove along dirt roads. [The Mirror]
  • “Noxious weed prickly acacia to be turned into ‘green coal’ by renewable energy company in outback Queensland” • Prickly acacia, originally from Africa, has been a multi-million-dollar problem across outback Queensland for decades, infesting prime grazing land, killing native grasslands and degrading soil health. Now it could become an energy source. [ABC]
  • “Portugal To Speed Up Switch To Renewable Power In Wake Of Ukraine War” • Portugal aims to accelerate its energy transition to have renewable sources supply 80% of its electricity output by 2026, the government said. That is four years earlier than had been planned. The transition is being accelerated in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. [Reuters]
  • “California Snowpack Is Critically Low, Signaling Another Year Of Devastating Drought” • Snowpack in the California Sierra this winter is just 38% of normal, California water officials said, in the latest sign the state’s drought is growing more devastating by the month. Heavy snows in December were followed by months of basically no snow at all. [CNN]

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